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An Eye for Style | Spring 2018 Eyewear Trends


Elevate Your Sunglass Game in Aviators

Style takes flight in this iconic frame with a modern twist. Look for refreshing updates to these classic sunnies with brightly colored mirrored lenses and shiny metallic finishes. As versatile as they are comfortable, our Heat Wave sunglasses are ready to be your new favorite wingman.






Spruce Up with Wood Frames

Eyewear frames enhanced with wooden details are natural beauties. Unexpected and sophisticated, wood adds a depth and warmth that’s truly eye catching.  Our  Al Fresco reading glasses, a new style for Spring, are made with sustainable bamboo temples and mixed with the prettiest pastel shades for a truly unforgettable look.






Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light

According to the Vision Council, nearly 9 out of 10 of us spend 2 hours or more a day on our digital devices. Blue light blocking eyewear, also known as computer glasses, filter out 20% of blue light which helps in reducing eye strain from computers, tablets, and smart phones. More people are taking a preventative step to protect their eyes from long-term damage while also relieving symptoms like blurry vision, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and poor sleep. Our Focus Eyewear™ line combats blue-light without the yellow tint, and with an anti-reflective coating they’ll keep all those keystrokes crystal clear.



Stand Out in Oversized Frames

“People, these are the glasses! Tinted readers designed for outdoors, they let you see fine print and give your eyes UV400 protection to boot.”


Last year, Oprah was in love with Peeper’s sunglasses in big, bold styles like Center Stage, Caliente, and Palmetto, and the trend has continued into 2018 as well. Own your look like a boss in these chic trend-setting styles.