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What’s the Deal with No Correction Glasses?

What’s the Deal with No Correction Glasses?


Man and woman sitting on a couch wearing Peepers blue light glasses

Fashionable Glasses for Every Occasion

One of the reasons glasses without magnification have become so popular is that they offer a subtle way to enhance any style. If you’re into retro styles, you can choose a vintage-looking Betty frame, while chunky black Coffee Shop frames are a must if you want to achieve the perfect hipster look.

The key to choosing fashionable glasses is to select a pair—or pairs—that match your everyday style so you can wear your glasses regularly. Don’t choose a bold color if you know that your style is business casual. Similarly, if you’re an artsy individual, you might want to steer clear of styles that look too simple. And, of course, you want to pay attention to which styles will best complement your unique face shape so you can wear your fashionable glasses with confidence.


Blonde woman wearing Peepers green tortoise sunglasses

Accessorizing with Sunglasses

Perhaps the most well-known example of no correction glasses comes in the form of sunglasses. Although sunglasses can have magnification, no magnification sunglasses offer UVA/UVB protection without impacting your close-up vision.

Here at Peepers, we have sunglasses to take any style to the next level, from our classic Bayfront sunglasses to our daring Center Stage sunglasses.


Man sitting on a couch with a laptop

Protecting Your Eyes Indoors and Outdoors

Blue light glasses are another classic example of glasses without magnification. Although you can get readers with blue light lenses, you can also find no correction blue light glasses that are specifically designed to protect your eyes from digital eye strain.

Peepers blue light glasses have the same UV400 protection as our sunglasses without the tinting, so you can safely wear them both indoors and outdoors and feel confident that your eyes are protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays as well as high-energy blue light that is used to illuminate screens such as computers, cell phones, and TVs.


Woman wearing Peepers See The Beauty blue light glasses

Elevate Your Style with Wear-Everywhere Peepers

Here at Peepers, we use trend forecasting to ensure that the glasses we’re keeping on our shelves represent the season’s current and upcoming trends. Whether you’re looking for a pair of blue light glasses to make screen time easy on your eyes or you just want a pair of chic wear-anywhere accessories, when you purchase a pair of no correction glasses through Peepers, you can do so with the confidence of a modern trendsetter. We’ve done the high-end industry research and have produced the most polished, luxe ensemble of peepers for today’s fashionistas.