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What Styles of Glasses Are in Now?

What Styles of Glasses Are in Now?

Style trends are always changing, especially when it comes to fashion accessories. This includes eyewear like sunglasses and stylish reading glasses. Whether you’re getting brand new eyewear, or you want to switch up your everyday look, you’re probably wondering what styles of glasses are in now.

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Our guide to trendy glasses reveals which colors and patterns are most inspiring this season. Browse a variety of glasses styles available here at Peepers and get some ideas for silhouettes and materials that would best match your look. With a bit of planning, it’s easier than ever to find the eyeglasses that fit your personality and face shape. It also makes it fun to shop for stylish frames! 

Color Block Frames

Color-blocked combinations stand out this season, especially in bright colors like lime or teal. Stylish enough for women and men, the playful yet polished contrast between dark and light hues is sure to start a conversation. They’re an excellent design for casual, beach-friendly eyewear such as polarized sunglasses. Color block also makes an ideal accessory for bathing suits and cover-ups. 

These frames are an enjoyable choice when you pair them with colorful seasonal tops to create a vibrant look ready for the shore. If you’d like, you can match them with neutrals to evoke a fresh, clean look. Wear them with a straw hat or a baseball cap to accent hair and makeup. They also look alluring and modern as men’s or women’s blue light glasses. Ignite your creative spirit at the office or show off your personality at work. Bright colors with classic styles like gray or tortoise are an excellent choice because they are both chic and professional. 

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Clear/Transparent Eyeglasses

Clear eyewear moves through the trend landscape, and it’s leading again this season. You’re sure to see plenty of transparent glasses for men and women, especially in square shapes and soft square frames. Of course, round glasses and cat-eye frames are always classic, so you can find plenty of options in a translucent look. 

If you prefer an alternative style, there are plenty of choices in a spectrum of see-through hues. Shop for a transparent vibrant orange or bold blue. Vintage yellow and retro ginger set a positive vibe this season, while frames in clear pink and transparent purple are sure to mesmerize. Iridescent readers and polarized sunglasses open a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors.

Chic Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses and blue light readers help protect your eyes from the effects of digital eye strain, which makes them helpful for office workers. For the remote professional who spends time on a computer, you can benefit from blue light lenses to avoid uncomfortable symptoms like dry eyes or blurry vision. As a bonus, they can help make your eyesight clear and your reading experience more enjoyable. 

Blue light glasses are an excellent companion for digital content like tablets and smartphones. Since they’re so popular, they need to be chic and on-trend, just like any other eyewear style. Whether you’re wearing your glasses at work or home, you’ll love your many choices from Peepers, like soft square glasses with a mesmerizing ombre dip or iridescent moonstone glasses in a round cat-eye frame. Next, shop for attractive blue light glasses for men, like tortoise prints with a trendsetting top-line, single brow bar. Other popular looks include bold, oversized eyewear with a colorful crystal finish and color-blocking designs with a classic silhouette. 

Angular-Shaped Frames

Embolden your look with one of the most dramatic styles of the season. Oversized, angular-shaped frames create a striking silhouette for men or women. Wear these big rectangle shapes and square frames as blue light glasses or reading glasses. You can even find them to accent your summertime polarized lenses. 

Angular frames look even more impressive with a lens gradient and bold colors like clear or sand quartz. Women will look chicer while guys achieve the ultimate surf vibe with this larger-than-life look. They’re perfect for the beach or the pool but flattering neutrals will also look amazing when you’re out to brunch. Take them everywhere you go for eyewear that matches nearly any style of shirt or top.

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Discovering Your Ideal Pair of Glasses

There are so many expressive and exciting new arrivals in eyewear that you are sure to find something you love. Shop through our seasonal collection by shape or color for a look that flatters your appearance and matches your style. You can even filter your experience by material or product type to quickly find the frames for doing computer work or spending time in the sun. Today’s eyeglasses are as unique as you are, which means you’re sure to find something for every occasion. With lightweight frames and durable lenses from Peepers, your glasses will look great and feel amazing when you wear them.