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+3.50 Reading Glasses & Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear

Look Sharp in a New Pair of (+)3.50 Reading Glasses

Discover your new favorite pair of (+)3.50 reading glasses in a variety of different colors and frame options. Whether you want a modern look with rectangular reading glasses or decide to go bold with oversized reading glasses, we have stylish frames that are sure to turn heads. Our (+)3.50 reading glasses come with UV protection and have Focus™ blue light lenses to minimize eyestrain and headaches while using digital devices. Focus™ blue light lenses offer UV400 protection to block harmful UV rays, so you can be sure your eyes are safe behind our (+)3.50 reading glasses. If you’re looking for stronger lenses, we offer (+)1.00 to (+)4.00 reading glasses. Check out our colorful options, which include white reading glasses, orange reading glasses, and pink reading glasses.