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Round Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear Reading Glasses

Where natural meets retro for an effortless, timeless look, shop round reading glasses today

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Look Sharp with Round Readers that Suit Your Style

Round reading glasses are back in style and here to stay. Choose from various colored round frame readers to find a perfect match for your style. Need a higher strength pair of readers? No problem! Our round readers start at +1.00 and go as high as +4.00, all with UV protection. Which means you can wear them at work or while reading a book on the beach; your style possibilities are endless. If you're looking to minimize eye strain, our Focus™ round readers have the technology you’re looking for. Focus™ Eyewear filters blue light from digital devices and other potentially harmful sources, allowing you to minimize eyestrain and headaches. If you’re looking for more colorful readers, check out our red reading glasses, blue reading glasses, and orange reading glasses.