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Trend-forward protection to enhance your individual style

Our proprietary, baked-in lens formula works together to prevent symptoms of digital eye strain, help reduce the chance of headaches, and help alleviate tired eyes.


Shop New Blue Light Focus™ Styles

<p>Enhance your ability to live and work in the digital world</p>

Enhance your ability to live and work in the digital world

Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses filter high-energy visible blue light



Our 7-layer anti-reflective coating reduces reflections (glare) on the surface of the lens—enhancing contrast and visual acuity, for better all-day comfort

<p>Clearly fashionable<br/></p>

Clearly fashionable

All the comfort, all the style, with barely-there tints

<p>Demonstrated effectiveness</p>

Demonstrated effectiveness

Our blue light products go through rigorous production testing. When you choose Peepers, you (and your eyes) can rest easy knowing you have consistent, effective blue light filtering protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover blue light reading glasses?
Blue light reading glasses might be covered under your insurance—it's a good idea to check your specific policy. Most readers are eligible for FSA spending.
Which blue light reading glasses are the best?
The best blue light reading glasses depend on your style preferences, the frame that fits your face shape, and the strength of readers you need. No matter which pair of Peepers glasses you choose, you can be sure you're getting quality frames and blue blocking lenses.
How can I get blue light blocking added to reading glasses?
At Peepers, the majority of our reading glasses have Blue Light Focus™ Lenses for your protection. However, we do offer a small selection of readers without.

Disclaimer: ¹Computer vision syndrome, also referred to as digital eye strain, describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use by the American Optometric Association. Computer vision syndrome. 2017. (Accessed February 9, 2021) ²Based on Peepers Reflectance Test used for testing light transmittance in Peepers uncoated lens compared against seven layer anti-reflective coated lens. ³“AR and non-AR coated lens performance during contrast sensitivity testing and daily activities”, McMahon OD, Illinois College of Optometry, The Vision Council, Https:// ⁴Measured using Yellow Index Testing among top competitor brands ⁵Each lot is tested using rigorous standards in advance of shipment to Peepers including lens manufacturing, blue light filtration in the spectrum of 400-450 nm validation Based on a randomized survey among Peepers consumers in [January 2021]