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Protect your eyes and look good doing it

Focus™ Eyewear filters blue light from digital devices and other potentially harmful sources.• UV400 Protection• 7 layer anti-reflective coatingRest easy, while minimizing eyestrain, headaches and disruption to your sleep. Shop the Collection

What is Blue Light?

Short wavelength blue light is used to illuminate monitors and mobile devices alike, meaning we are exposed to a lot of it in our daily lives. Overexposure can disrupt brain waves, reducing melatonin production and disrupting your normal sleep patterns. The stylish glasses in the Focus Eyewear collection are designed to reduce 40% or more of harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light that penetrates your eyes every day, helping to protect against digital eyestrain responsible for headaches and blurred vision, as well as promote healthy and normal sleep patterns.
Symptoms of digital eye strain
Dry Eyes

72 percent reported they did not know eyewear can be used to protect the eyes from harmful blue light.

- The Vision Council

Our Lens Technology

Blue light reducing technology embedded right into the lens
Anti-reflective coating applied to the surface of the lens
Offers UV400 protection without any tint

A healthier you

Home electronics, mobile devices, and monitors in the workplace are part and parcel of modern life.  When paired with exposure to the sun, this constitutes an acute attack on your vision.  Fashion-forward Focus Eyewear helps to preserve your optical health with UV400 protection against short-term exposure to harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) that can virtually sunburn your eyes. Shop the Collection

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