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Add Some Color To Bid Winter Blues Goodbye

Add Some Color To Bid Winter Blues Goodbye

If you live in a colder corner of the world, you likely suffer long, dreary months of winter. The gray days start to blend together in a blur until you can’t even remember what the sun looks like anymore.

What can you do to fight winter blues? Short of installing a sun lamp to combat seasonal affective disorder, your best bet is to find ways to brighten up your environment. In other words, it’s time to add some pops of much-needed color to your wardrobe. Here are a few pretty Peepers to tide you over until spring.


Peepers Good Morning, Charlie red reading glasses

Good Morning, Charlie

The Angels were always full of pep, and you can get some back in your step this winter when you don a pair of beautiful blue or red Good Morning, Charlie readers. Rectangular and softly formed with just a hint of cat-eye at the corners, these flattering frames are just the ticket to improve a dull, winter mood.


Terrazzo blue light reading glasses by Peepers


These fun frames in cream or black are speckled with spatters of color that are designed to mimic the tile style of the same name. If you’re looking for something a little bit retro with loads of personality, the hip, cat-eyed Terrazzo is sure to spur your creative juices.


Blonde woman wearing Collage blue light reading glasses by Peepers outside in a denim shirt


Rounded readers with blue or rust fronts and white or black Terrazzo temples (respectively) are super chic, totally trendy, and sure to catch your eye. Don a pair of artsy Collage glasses for style inspo that helps you to assemble a brighter winter wardrobe. A collage brings multiple elements together to form a greater whole, so start with your eyewear and go from there.


Wavelength blue light reading glasses in red by Peepers


These whimsical wayfarers put the “pow” in powerful, so if you’re ready to exit the doldrums of winter and power up, it’s time to snag yourself some Wavelength readers in bold red with black and white waves on the temples. Get moving with these motivational frames that will usher you into spring with gusto.


Brushwork blue light reading glasses in navy by Peepers


Brushwork cat-eye frames aren’t kitten around when it comes to serious style, thanks to navy fronts with abstracts splatters in complementary hues of black, white, and blues. The upward sweep of the corners automatically lifts your eyes, and your spirits.


Fruit Stripe Gum multi-colored reading glasses by Peepers

Rainbow Stripes

Multi-colored Rainbow Stripes will put you in mind of the Fruit Stripe gum you chewed as a kid, but sans the disappointment of flavor that fades after roughly a minute of use. The half-moon lenses and slightly lifted bridge are a departure from your typical squares and rectangles, and with bold, cheery stripes, these frames are sure to become a fave in your wardrobe year-round.