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Shopping For Sunnies | Which Lens Type Is Right For Me?

Shopping For Sunnies | Which Lens Type Is Right For Me?

We know you love your Peepers sunglasses. While hot new styles and affordable pricing make it easy to update annually, your growing cache of eyewear means you have plenty of classics and newbies guaranteed to complement every outfit in every season.

But once you’ve found that gotta-have style for the upcoming summer season, you have to decide which lens type you prefer, and this can be understandably confusing. How do you know which lens style best suits your particular needs and preferences? Here’s the skinny on sunnies and how you can choose the perfect lens.


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The summer months are filled with activities, from weekend BBQs to days spent lounging poolside with the latest Elin Hilderbrand sizzler. You want to take it all in, which means you need a pair of sunglasses featuring uniform correction so you can enjoy that up-close vision improvement at all times without having to layer your haute sunnies over your daily readers.

Slip into a commanding pair of Ultraviolet aviators with a feminine pink/gold color scheme or channel your inner starlet with the timeless appeal of Center Stage sunnies in classic black or modern gray tortoise. When you choose reader lenses to fill in your favorite frames, you’ll get the overall correction you need to style and profile all summer long.


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Polarized No Correction

Not everyone needs prescription lenses to enjoy a good book or follow a new grilling recipe on a tiny smartphone screen. If your vision is fine, but you still want striking sunglasses that protect your eyes, opt for our polarized no correction lenses.

You’ll get all the glare protection you need without the correction you don’t. You can’t go wrong with universally flattering Del Mar frames in black or gray tortoise featuring rounded, oversized appeal that serves up coastal swagger all day long. Or get spicy with glam Palisades in red to fire up summer fun.