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Bifocal Glasses vs. Progressive Lenses

Bifocal Glasses vs. Progressive Lenses


If you want to enhance your vision, you may consider hearing about bifocal glasses or progressive lenses. Both styles have important similarities and differences, which makes them worth the research. If you look online, you will find them in various frame shapes and colors. You will also find that you can use them for different eye conditions. They have unique benefits, but one may be better for you than the other. This helpful guide to new glasses will let you know which will better fit your needs. 

Here at Peepers, we want you to know about your choices in specs. Let us explain bifocal vs. progressive lenses, including what makes them unique. You will also learn more about the pros and cons of wearing bifocals and progressive glasses. Once you understand which is best for your needs, you can begin shopping for your perfect pair. 

What Are Bifocal Glasses?

People have been wearing bifocal lenses for hundreds of years. According to Healthline, they were first invented by Benjamin Franklin, who made his own pair by combining parts of his reading glasses and his distance lenses. Over the years, doctors and scientists have engineered bifocals to be more innovative and beneficial. Today, many people use the most modern form of bifocals to help correct presbyopia, a common eye condition in older adults. Presbyopia usually occurs during middle age, when people notice their vision changing or when they begin to wear readers. 

If you take a closer look at the traditional bifocal lenses, they have two prescriptions for vision correction. The top lens includes a prescription for farsightedness, while the bottom of the lens corrects nearsightedness. Those who want bifocal reading glasses do not require a prescription from an eye doctor. Instead, these specs have a clear lens with a magnified portion to help correct near vision. 

What Are Progressive Lenses?

We have progressive glasses here at Peepers, These specialized lenses include three separate viewing areas with varying degrees of strength and magnification.

When exploring progressive lenses, you will find that the bottom third of the lens aids with nearsightedness. They are made this way because the eye looks through this portion of the lens while reading or doing computer work. 

The middle portion of the lens is designated for intermediate viewing. Since there are no lines in progressive lenses, your sight may feel smoother and more precise. Many people like how no lines enhance the style of their frames and lenses.

What Are the Benefits of Bifocals?

Bifocals allow you to see near and far without having to switch your glasses. Plus, with bifocal lenses, you only need to wear one pair of frames for the entire day. Forget trying to find your glasses for nearsightedness or farsightedness. 

If you have more than one pair of specs, you can keep an extra pair safe at home in case you lose or damage some of them. Bifocals make an excellent choice for people with farsightedness and are beginning to develop presbyopia during middle age. While we do not carry bifocals, we do have progressive lenses available. For more on the benefits of bifocals, consider having a conversation with an eye doctor. 

What Are the Advantages of Progressives?

Take it from us: Progressive glasses offer the same benefits as bifocals but with more enhanced vision aid. With three separate viewing areas, you can see clearly and comfortably in every setting. Since progressive glasses do not have lines, they will always look great with every outfit. After you adjust to your lenses, you will be able to focus with ease and comfort. Progressive reading glasses are a modern form of bifocals, which means you are getting the most advanced form of multi-lens glasses available. 

Why Should I Choose Peepers Progressive Lenses?

Our progressive lenses here at Peepers allow your eyes to move seamlessly between powers. Adjust easier to your glasses without the “jump” you feel with bifocals or traditional trifocal lenses. Our rigorous product testing ensures you have consistent and effective glasses. In addition to these distinct advantages, people choose Peepers because of our: 

Stylish Frames

While our glasses are comfortable and practical for your vision correction needs, they are also chic and trend-forward. Enjoy the frame shapes and colors you love while seeing your best. From cat-eye glasses to classic tortoiseshell prints, we make it easy to enhance your look and reflect your unique personality. 

Clear Zone for Viewing

We design our glasses to stand out from the rest, with extra-wide and ultra clear viewing zones located at the top of the lens. This feature makes for easy distance vision while gazing at nature or driving in your car. As a result, you can see more comfortably and clearly than ever before. 

Blue Light Blocking Filters

The blue light that emits from LED screens can contribute to symptoms of digital eye strain. Symptoms include dry and tired eyes. If you spend much of your time on a tablet or computer screen without a blue light filter, you may develop what is known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Some of the most common symptoms associated with CVS include headaches and blurred vision. 

You can help to prevent these problems with the help of our Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses. When you wear a pair of our progressive glasses, you filter up to 63 percent of visible blue light from your eyes. This protection will help you to avoid uncomfortable symptoms like strained eyes and neck pain. According to Prevent Blindness, you may even help to protect your eyes from long-term retinal damage.  


Ultra-Lightweight Lenses

Lenses are made of many materials, but polycarbonate is an innovative choice that works for everyone. We have them here at Peepers because they are made with ultra-lightweight plastic so you can wear them all day without feeling a thing. Select the proper fit and enjoy wearing your glasses while working or reading. They will also feel great while you drive or travel. 

Specialized Coatings for Better Vision

In addition to our blue light filtering technology, our progressive glasses include specialized coatings for enhanced eye care. A seven-layer, anti-reflective coating helps reduce glare on the surface of your lenses. Feel comfortable and help to stay safe while wearing glasses inside or outside. 

Along with our anti-reflective layers, our Peepers progressives include an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to help prevent dirt and oil from impacting your lenses. The coating also helps to repel moisture, which helps to make your frames last even longer. 

Are There Disadvantages of Bifocals or Progressives?

When you wear bifocals, you will always have a line in the middle of your lens. You may get used to the obstruction in your glasses, but it will always be visible to others. Bifocals and progressives help many people see better, but they require a period of adjustment. This is because the eyes and brain require some time to adapt to your lenses’ different powers. 

To help get used to your new glasses, WebMD suggests slowly ramping up your use of your progressives. Begin wearing them for an hour at a time and then work your way up as the days go by. Check to ensure your frames fit correctly, which is always essential for comfortable vision. With perks from Peepers by peeperspecs®, like our 90-day risk-free return policy, you have plenty of time to get used to your glasses and enjoy the benefits of progressive lenses. 

Who Should Wear Bifocals or Progressives?

Eye care professionals may recommend them to people in middle age as their eyes begin to develop new problems with near vision. If you need readers or require various types of vision correction, you will benefit from the additional comfort and style of progressives. Our progressive glasses at Peepers by peeperspecs® will make it easy to see near and far without switching frames. If you have questions about some of the pros and cons of bifocals or progressive glasses for your lifestyle, talk to an eye doctor. 

How to Get Started with Progressive Glasses

Now that you know more about progressive reading glasses and bifocals, you may be interested in making the switch to progressive lenses. It is easier to adapt than you may think. Have an eye exam or talk to an eye doctor for a professional opinion. They can answer your questions before you opt for a new pair. In addition to gathering information about your vision, the best way to decide if they are right for you is to choose frames that allow for risk-free adjustment. Since we offer a three-month money-back guarantee, you can take your time to change from bifocals or single-vision glasses. 

Peepers by peeperspecs® has plenty of progressive lens options to choose from when you are ready to shop. You can even browse by lens strength. Our trend-forward styles include square and soft square glasses for men and women. 

Find frames in traditional tortoise or black. We also have bold clear and blue specs. From vibrant red to inspiring pink, there is a style for every face shape and personal look. If you are curious about our magnification, we have glasses with strengths between +1.00 to +3.00, so everyone can find something they love. Match your favorite outfits and make a statement while making it easier to work and play.

Enjoying Your New Progressive Lenses

Wearing glasses can make a world of difference when it comes to your vision. Whether you benefit from bifocal glasses or you’re looking for a more convenient and comfortable way to enjoy your favorite activities, our progressives can help make it possible. You will love the innovation and style that comes with wearing our specs. If you like the way our lightweight and protective glasses feel, be sure to check out our polarized reading glasses and travel-friendly reading sunglasses.