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Choosing a Frame Color to Make Your Eyes Pop

Choosing a Frame Color to Make Your Eyes Pop

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Best Glasses for Brown Eyes

Estimates say that anywhere from half to three-quarters of the world has brown eyes. Because brown eyes are so common, it can take a little extra work to get those around you to realize their natural beauty. Fortunately, when you choose the right pair of eyeglasses for your skin tone and eye color, you’ll find that the people in your life suddenly have a new appreciation for the color brown. 

Whether your eyes are the warm color of milk chocolate or feature the smoldering undertones of a fresh pot of coffee, certain eyewear colors can help you bring out these gorgeous hues. Earthy tones are always on-trend because they tend to flatter both a warm and cool skin tone. These beautiful colors remind people of the inherent beauty of the brown eye color. Tortoise frames can be especially good at playing with the varied shades of brown in your eyes, lending them an air of warmth and depth. They also look beautiful with brown or black hair. Choose round frames or soft square glasses frames to play up your natural features. 

Classic black or gray frames can also enhance brown eyes. By going with these darker tones, your eye color will look brighter and more vibrant in comparison. 

If you prefer bold frame colors for a pair of glasses, reach for eyeglass frames in a pool blue. Contrasting your deep browns against the cool undertones of blue — the next most common eye color — will give you a bold, confident look. 


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Best Glasses for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, which account for 8-10% of all eyes on the planet, can range from bright sky blue to deep navy blue. But regardless of where your eyes fall on the color spectrum, there are a few different things you can do to bring out those baby blue undertones. One option is to wear frame colors that match your eyes and skin tone. You can even consider your hair color! If you have flecks of navy in your eyes, for example, wearing a pair of navy frames can play with those flecks and enhance their unique appeal. Try experimenting with different shades of blue to see which ones best pull out the colors in your eyes and elevate your natural beauty.

For an even more subtle approach, you can feel confident reaching for plain gray or black frames. They pair well with blue eyes and any hair color, including blonde hair and red hair. This classic look is a great way to let your eyes shine on their own merit. You can also get away with brown or tortoise shell eyeglass frames, especially if you have brown hair color as well. By allowing your glasses to fade into the background, so to speak, your eyes will take center stage.

On the other hand, if you like a more bold color choice, orange is your friend. As the complementary color to blue, orange frames will naturally make your blue eyes pop. They’ll also add fun and pizzazz to your day. Once you find the perfect color, you can experiment with different frame shapes to elevate your personal style and accentuate your face shape.


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Best Glasses for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are ever changing. Speckled with varied tones of brown, green and gold, the color they appear depends on what you’re wearing on any given day. The trick to making hazel eyes pop is to choose eyeglasses that will bring out the tones you favor most while also knowing that your eyes may still play tricks on you.

Earthy neutral frames can work well with hazel eye color because you know that whether your eyes are tending toward a blue undertone, green or brown on any given day, they’re still going to look fabulously chic. But if you want to be really daring, reach for frames with a hint of gold detailing. These will bring out the luminous flecks that make your hazel eyes so unique and playful-looking. 


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Best Glasses for Amber Eyes

Amber eyes are golden yellow in color, without any flecks of blue, brown or green. Although they can sometimes get mistaken for brown at first sight, amber eyes are much more coppery in appearance due to a lack of melanin in the iris. Your amber eyes will shine from behind classic black frames. Polished black eyeglasses are an easy, safe choice if you want your eyes to stand out. But if you’re looking for something a little more bold, try reaching for a pair of purple frames. As yellow’s complementary color, purple frames in shades of plum or lavender can really showcase the unique color of your eyes, differentiating them from the browns they often get confused with. 

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Best Glasses for Green Eyes

Green eyes have a warm, earthy appearance. Many people choose to complement the natural undertones of green eye color by choosing warm, earthy eyeglasses. Tortoiseshell, caramel and gold will all bring out the undertones in your green eyes, making them seem extra warm and joyful as a result. These colors also look gorgeous with a variety of skin tones and hair colors, including blonde hair and red hair.

Your other option is to show off your unique eye color by choosing equally unique frames. Red frames, as green’s complementary color, are a natural go-to choice to make green eyes pop. But because green eyes are so often speckled with bits of yellow and gold, any frames in the red and purple families will look amazing. That includes cranberry, plum, burgundy and lavender. Having trouble choosing a shade? Look for frames that pair well with a cool or warm skin tone. 

This is an eye color you can really have fun accenting and dressing up! One of the best ways to elevate your colorful frames and enhance your green eye color is to choose a playful frame shape. Cat-eye glasses are a chic choice with bold upsweeps that look even more beautiful and dramatic in a jewel-tone color. 

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Best Glasses for Gray Eyes

Less than 1% of the population is graced with gray eyes, making it one of the most captivating eye colors on the planet. As a result, it doesn’t take much to cause people to do a double-take if you’re one of the lucky few sporting gray eye color. 

That being said, we’d recommend against pairing gray eyes with gray frames, as this can make them look a little washed out and downplay their natural beauty. Instead, dare to be different by choosing frames in bright, bold colors. Just about any color looks good with gray, making this one of the most fun eye colors to accentuate. Some of the most popular vibrant hues include ginger orange and sunny yellow. Look chic in sea blue or turn heads in cherry red.

Oversized eyeglasses can really make your look stand out. Chunky frames or soft square frames with gold detailing will draw attention to your mesmerizing gray peepers. Not a fan of big and bright frame colors? Darker frames can look equally stunning. Instead of your classic black glasses or gray eyeglasses, you can try going with some of the best frame colors in celebrated dark hues like navy, burgundy or deep purple.

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Dress for Your Most Confident YOU! 

Eye colors are on a spectrum, and not all eyes are created the same. As you begin to wear different frame colors and glasses frames for your face shape, you’ll find more inspiration for styles that perfectly match your eye color and skin tone. If you examine your reflection in the mirror, you’ll find yourself noticing different undertones in your eyes that you hadn’t noticed before. 

The more you pay attention to your unique skin tone and eye color, the more fun it will be to accentuate your look with different pairs of glasses. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose glasses that make you feel beautiful. If your eyeglasses put a smile on your face, that will make your eyes pop more than anything else!