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Variations on Tortoise Print Glasses

Variations on Tortoise Print Glasses

Peepers Clark blue light glasses in tortoise

Classic Tortoise

If you’re looking for a classic print that won’t go out of style, you can’t go wrong choosing classic tortoise frames. This mottled brown print is a throwback to traditional tortoiseshell accessories, leaning into the luxe tortoiseshell aesthetic that people have loved for generations. 

Match Classic Tortoise Frames to Your Look

There’s a reason classic tortoise frames have been popular for ages. This timeless pattern is well-suited to just about any skin, hair, and eye color combination around. Against brown eyes or brown hair, the earthy tones will blend in, ensuring that the focus is on the other features of your face. If, on the other hand, you have blonde hair or blue or gray eyes, the classic tortoise print will pop, drawing attention directly to your eyes. 

Style Guide for Classic Tortoise Frames

When it comes to dressing for success with classic tortoise frames, you really can’t go wrong. Because classic tortoise print is a neutral tone, you can match it with any look. Dress these glasses down with a chunky sweater and leggings, or pair it with a power suit to exude a confident, polished vibe. 


Peepers Highbrow blue light glasses in honey tortoise

Honey Tortoise

Warm honey tortoise print glasses emphasize the amber undertones of classic tortoise frames, replacing the usual brown tones of a classic tortoise print with a rich honey-yellow shade. As a variation to a timeless style, honey tortoise frames feel modern and fresh without being too in-your-face. 

Match Honey Tortoise Frames to Your Look

The autumnal vibes of honey tortoise frames are a perfect complement to naturally autumnal looks. If you’ve got auburn or chocolate brown hair and brown eyes, you can be sure that these frames will make your look stand out like the leaves of a maple tree in October. They provide a still-subtle backdrop for your naturally beautiful self to shine! 

Style Guide for Honey Tortoise Frames

Nearly as versatile as classic tortoise frames, honey tortoise frames have the benefit of elevating your ensemble the tiniest bit. When paired with a casual style, they simply ensure you look like you put some effort into your look for the day. Against your work ensemble, however, honey tortoise frames truly shine, showcasing the fact that you’re a professional with attention to minute aesthetic details. 


Peepers Walking On Sunshine blue light glasses in gray tortoise/pink

Gray Tortoise

If you’re going for subtle, understated vibes, our gray tortoise frames are the way to go. Reminiscent of a cool December afternoon, gray tortoise frames make the world around them seem vibrant and alive. Paired with the right look or style, these frames go a long way toward achieving a high-end look (without a high-end price tag)! 

Match Gray Tortoise Frames to Your Look

If you’re one of 1% of people with gray eyes, gray tortoise frames can call attention to your unique eye color. This is especially true if you have stark black hair, as it can give you a luxe, monochromatic vibe from top to bottom. 

Gray tortoise frames also pair well with dark skin tones, especially ones with a warm or neutral undertone, as these tones look especially lively with soft gray accessories playing against them. Beware of wearing gray tortoise frames if you have cool undertones in your skin or very pale hair, however, as it can wind up looking washed-out rather than like a high-end fashion statement. 

Style Guide for Gray Tortoise Frames

Gray tortoise frames are perfect for taking a professional look to the next level. Pair these peepers with a dark blazer or a little black dress to create a look that travels from the office to date night without a hitch. 

If you’re looking to dress gray tortoise frames down, dark-wash jeans are an easy choice. A black shirt or a classic black leather jacket will give you grayscale vibes that are very of-the-moment, while any pop of color you pair with these frames is sure to stand out in a fun, eye-catching way. No matter which ensemble you choose, you’ll have a Pinterest-perfect look with minimal effort. 


Peepers Headliner blue light glasses in navy tortoise

Navy Tortoise

Navy frames lie at the intersection of neutral and bold, creating a statement look while still matching most ensembles. 

Match Navy Tortoise Frames to Your Look

If your skin—whether light or dark—has cool undertones, navy tortoise frames will pull those out in a really beautiful way. They can also offer a fun contrast if you have an otherwise monochromatic look—platinum blonde hair and pale skin, or example—as they won’t wash you out the way other colors might. 

Navy tortoise frames are also a fun look if you have hair dyed unnatural colors like blue or hot pink. Unlike boldly-colored frames, navy tortoise frames are still neutral enough that they won’t detract from other colors on your body, but are bold enough to emphasize your fun-loving fashion choice. 

As for eye color, navy is a versatile tone. The contrast can make brown eyes shine, while the navy tones pull the blue out of hazel or blue eyes in a gorgeous way. 

Style Guide for Navy Tortoise Frames

If you’re wearing navy tortoise frames, jewel-toned clothes are going to be your best friend. Navy accessories look beautiful against stark white, vibrant red, and even royal purples and greens. And, of course, they’ll match navy clothes in a fun way. 

The variety of clothes that you can pair with navy tortoise frames makes them a versatile, wear-anywhere choice for people with capsule wardrobes. They can be dressed up or down without much effort and, like most tortoise frames, can pair just as easily with patterns as with solid-colored clothing options. 


Peepers Center Stage blue light glasses in green tortoise

Green Tortoise

Earth-inspired botanical colors are one of today’s top trends. Our green tortoise frames were created with this in mind, combining everything you love about a classic tortoiseshell frame with a deep, of-the-moment green that’s sure to turn heads. 

Match Green Tortoise Frames to Your Look

A green tortoise print is especially flattering against other earthen tones, including hazel or brown eyes and brown or blonde hair. It’s perfectly suited to pull warm undertones out of your skin, so whether you’re pale or dark-skinned, if you have red or pink undertones, this pattern will give you a natural glow. 

Style Guide for Green Tortoise Frames

If homespun, prairie vibes are your thing, you’ll love the way green tortoise frames illuminate organic fabrics and chunky knits, telling people at a glance that you’re the type of person who cares about quality fabrics and all-natural colors. Consider pairing floral prints with your frames for a Boho-chic botanical look that’ll turn heads, or belt a simple shift dress for feminine date-night vibes. 


Peepers Bengal blue light glasses in pink tortoise

Pink Tortoise

If you’ve been looking for a reason to play with bold pops of color, our pink tortoise print glasses are for you. By pairing a bold pink color with a classic tortoise print, we’ve designed statement glasses that still have a timeless feel. Step confidently into the role of office trendsetter with a bold-colored fashion trend suited for all ages.  

Match Pink Tortoise Frames to Your Look

Our pink tortoise glasses are a versatile color choice for all sorts of people. The bright color pops against dark skin tones, while paler skin tones will benefit from the way the pink hue naturally draws warm undertones out, giving your complexion a subtly rosy feel. 

When it comes to hair, these vibrant glasses work best when paired with natural hair colors, especially brown, blonde, or black. These earthen tones ensure the pink of your glasses really pops, drawing attention straight to your best asset: your eyes. 

Style Guide for Pink Tortoise Frames

What makes pink tortoise frames so fun is that they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. Paired with a floral tunic and plain leggings, they tell anyone who looks your way that you’re fun. But when you instead pair them with a navy suit, you own the room as a chic and savvy business professional. 

To make these glasses really pop, reach for deep, bold colors and sweet, feminine prints. Avoid shades of red, which can give your outfit a Valentine’s-Day vibe. 


Peepers Curtain Call blue light glasses in tortoise horn

Tortoise Horn Pattern

Subtler transitions between shades of brown and black set our tortoise horn pattern apart from more classic tortoise prints. This animal-inspired look mimics the subtle transitions of tones on animal horns while drawing on the neutral shades that you’re used to in classic tortoiseshell styles. 

Match Tortoise Horn Frames to Your Look

Like classic tortoise prints, tortoise horn frames pair well with most skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors. Keep in mind that these frames tend to be a little darker in tone than classic tortoise frames, and so they may blend more against dark-colored hair. These frames are especially impactful when paired with deeper skin tones, as the black and brown tones can bring out complexities in a dark skin tone. 

Style Guide for Tortoise Horn Frames

Tortoise horn frames are a modern twist on a wear-anywhere style. Although they’ll look especially amazing when paired with bold colors, ensuring that the colors you choose stand out from a mile away, the mix of brown and black ensures that these frames can be placed against any neutral tone and look perfectly matched.