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Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

A quality pair of sunglasses is the perfect outdoor fashion accessory. It’s an excellent time to hit the refresh button on your wardrobe with chic polarized sunglasses or colorful, summer-inspired reading sunglasses. While they’re stylish, do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun? We’ll explain more about sunglasses and why Peepers are an excellent choice in eyewear. 

The Eyes and Ultraviolet (UV) Light

You lather on sunscreen to protect your skin, but do you take steps to shield your eyes from the sun? The National Eye Institute says that our eyes can filter out most UV rays, but not all of them. Studies show that too much exposure to UVA and UVB light can lead to sunburn or some types of cancer. A pair of sunglasses could help you protect yourself from UV rays while shielding your eyes and reducing the effects of glare. 

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses 

Research from Columbia University suggests sunglasses will help your eyes if the lenses block UV rays. You’ll enhance your protection by wearing eyewear that fully covers your eyes and helps to shield your face. Peepers sunglasses take style and function to the next level with UV400 protection that blocks 99.9% of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Our polarized sunglasses do even more for comfort and protection with lenses that help to reduce glare from the sun. You may find yourself more comfortable outdoors as you enhance clarity and color. 

Shield Your Eyes with Peepers

According to experts, you can help shield your eyes. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends picking sunglasses that block at least 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Peepers polarized sunglasses and reading sunglasses beat this standard, with 99.9% protection. Choose from free-spirited and on-trend designs in the most popular shapes for men and women. 

Best Frame Shapes for Sunglasses

All Peepers sunglasses are designed to feel comfortable and help shield the eyes from UV light. You can’t go wrong with any shape or design, but we have a few favorites this spring and summer. Whether you’re looking for sunglasses for men or women, we recommend the following styles:  

Hexagon Frames 

Combine style with function with our hexagon sunglasses! Add boho flair to your coverups and tops with polarized eyewear featuring a fun color gradient. The oversize design will turn a head or two, but it will also help to block the area around your eyes from getting excessive UV light. 

Cat Eye Frames 

On-trend, oversized cat eye sunglasses feature thick frames and striking upsweeps. While you get a chic look, you’ll also get more coverage from the sun. Help protect your eyes and update a classic look with cat eye sunglasses in a bold pattern like black marble or leopard tortoise. Cat eye glasses are feminine when paired with cotton blazers and shirts. Add the perfect luxe accent for floral dresses and flowing maxi skirts. 

Square Frames 

If you like an edgy and angular frame, try square sunglasses. Square-shaped eyewear is bolder than styles like the cat eye shape but also offers the same oversized design many fashionistas seek. You’ll feel confident that you’re helping to shield your face and eyes from the sun. Make your look stand out with two-toned patterns and frame colors like spice and cobalt. 

Bask in the Sun with Quality Sunglasses  

A quality pair of Peepers makes it more fun to be outside! So go ahead, bask in the sunlight with polarized sunglasses and reading sunglasses that feel comfortable and look on-trend. Must-have features like spring hinges and lightweight frames will make it feel like you’re barely wearing eyewear. 

At the same time, stylish oversized sunglasses will help shield your eyes and face while enhancing every outfit you wear. With so many benefits to wearing your sunglasses, you’ll want to keep them as long as possible. Learning how to clean glasses to preserve their durability and keeping them in a protective case will help you keep your favorite eyewear lasting until next summer.