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5 Best Blue Light Glasses

5 Best Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are a must-have accessory for anyone using a digital device. Here at Peepers, we make stylish men and women blue light glasses so you can focus on what matters to you. Check out some of our best blue light glasses to find your ideal frame shape and style. You’ll love wearing chic eyewear whenever you use a smartphone or computer. 

Center Stage 

The Center Stage frame is our most popular pair of eyewear, now upgraded to our blue light collection by popular demand. This style is featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for its daring oversized look and soft square shape. Make a statement in no correction blue light glasses or bluelight readers. There are many colors and prints to choose from, including the classic tortoise and flattering blue quartz. Go bold in dazzling red frames or look dreamy in a pair of pink quartz eyeglasses. Center Stage features eco-friendly frames in trendsetting colors like mint and blush. Check out our limited-edition eyewear for head-turning colors and patterns. No matter what look you choose, you’ll feel comfortable every time you wear them. 


To the Max 

Our limited edition To the Max blue light glasses make the perfect accessory for your wardrobe! These chunky square frames offer a vintage vibe with modern selections for patterns and colors. Wear blue light readers or no correction blue light glasses. To the Max even offers progressive lenses. Clear eyeglasses or classic black frames offer a stylish and versatile look to pair with any outfit. Add a pop of color with frames in eye-catching pink quartz or blue quartz. To the Max features limited edition colors so you can stay updated with style trends while staying focused and comfortable. Wear your new blue light frames to the office or while relaxing at home. 




If you’re hunting for men’s blue light glasses, we have the frame for you! Clark is one of our best-selling eyewear styles, now available with our Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear. We think this frame looks impressive on guys, but it’s also a universally flattering frame for women! Everyone can appreciate a contemporary twist on a classic look.  

Clark is embellished with silver pins on either side to add flair to your eyewear. Enjoy comfortable spring hinges and unique lens clearness, whether you wear blue light readers or no-correction eyeglasses. Pick up a pair of these frames in black or tortoise. They’re also available in best-selling colors like clear and honey tortoise. Showcase these frames in a trendsetting shade like gray tortoise or cobalt blue. You’ll love their sleek look and lightweight feel.

Shine On 

Peepers Shine On frames are a celebration of your best features. This spectacular look is featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for its chic oversize style and intricate details. Marvel at Shine On’s bedazzled frames with sparkle throughout and a stroke of glitter across the top of the rims. Every time you put them on, you’ll see a reminder to “Shine On” printed on the inside of the eyeglasses. 

Our best-selling blue light glasses come with no correction lenses or reading glasses frames. Choose your strength to help prevent eye strain while you read books or check your email. Select from three gorgeous colors, including classic black and traditional tortoise. We even have feminine pink frames to help you infuse a pop of color into your wardrobe. 


Make a statement with Strut! This unique and contemporary style is perfect for men or women. This frame’s flattering square shape and chic frame design make them an ideal pair of eyewear for the office or meeting room. Add trendsetting style to any outfit, including button-down shirts and printed dresses. Choose from a solid color or two-tone look like versatile clear frames or eyeglasses with a combination of earthy green and classic tortoise. 

Our comfortable and fashionable Strut design comes in blue light reading glasses or no correction lenses so everyone can enjoy their lightweight feel and attractive look. Every pair of our blue light glasses comes with our proprietary baked-in technology that filters high-energy blue light. 

Boost Your Style with the Best Blue Light Glasses 

Take this style inspiration and use it as motivation for your next pair of Peepers eyeglasses! Many trendsetting styles are available in colors and frame shapes to make everyone feel confident. We also have accessories like protective eyeglasses cases and tools that offer the best way to clean glasses. With Peepers, you can’t go wrong with our thoughtful design and Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear to help you avoid eye strain and make the most of your digital devices. Spend one day in our blue light frames, and you’ll feel the perfect mix of comfort and style.  


Disclaimer: ¹Spectral Analysis Tested in high-energy short-wavelength 400 to 450 nm visible light ²Computer vision syndrome, also referred to as digital eye strain, describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use by the American Optometric Association. Computer vision syndrome. 2017. (Accessed February 9, 2021) ³Based on Peepers Reflectance Test used for testing light transmittance in Peepers uncoated lens compared against seven layer anti-reflective coated lens. ⁴"AR and non-AR coated lens performance during contrast sensitivity testing and daily activities”, McMahon OD, Illinois College of Optometry, The Vision Council, ⁵Measured using Yellow Index Testing among top competitor brands