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Early Signs You Might Need Reading Glasses

Early Signs You Might Need Reading Glasses

Mother nature made our eyes work like an autofocus video camera. As we age, the lens in our eye stiffens, and our eye muscles can’t autofocus the lens like before.. This condition is what optometrists and other eye care professionals call presbyopia (say that three times fast). Over time, the need for a stronger reading glasses strength becomes a reality. 

When you have presbyopia, getting better with age requires regular eye exams with your eye doctor along with some seriously stylish eyewear. If you do require reading glasses, chic frame shapes and on-trend frame colors will give you a confident, elevated look. 

Below are a few indications that you may need a pair of eyeglasses and how to find the best Peepers reading glasses for you.

Age and Accordion Arms

If you feel like you have “accordion arms” when you’re using a digital device or reviewing your reading material, you’re not alone! Many people develop presbyopia or age-related farsightedness by the time they reach middle age. While your near vision may be fine, you may start seeing a difference in your close vision requiring vision correction. Ophthalmology professionals say the exact onset of presbyopia is different for everyone, but it’s a good bet that you’re going to start experiencing some vision changes after you reach the age of 40. 

If you used to be able to read the small print on a menu, the tiny text in a book or the words on your digital device with ease, it may be frustrating if you’re frequently adjusting at arm’s length to read clearly. “Accordion arms” are one of those classic indications of presbyopia. An eye exam with your eye care professional and a quality pair of reading glasses can help!

Eye Strain and Headaches

Do your eyes hurt after you look up from your book or do computer work? Experiencing eye strain while trying to focus your eyes on text or the small print on a computer screen can possibly lead to tension headaches. If your eyes are tired enough after long periods, you may also experience blurred vision. Take regular breaks to relax your eyes and be sure to see your eye doctor for an eye exam. You can also find Peepers in different strengths, along with blue light protection lenses to have you looking and seeing your best.

Is It Dark in Here?

Is it getting darker in restaurants, or is it just us? Perhaps you’re finding it harder to read the small print on the menu or you’re experiencing eye strain in dim light. For those who need to bust out the flashlight app on your phone to see — never fear! Peepers are here! You’ll find a variety of eyewear to match your look and accessorize your outfits while you’re out and about. You’ll also improve the way you see when you’re in dim lighting. 

Your Free Vision Test

If you’re experiencing any of the above age-related indications or signs of presbyopia, we recommend visiting your eye care professional for an eye exam to confirm you need reading glasses for close vision and to help rule out a more serious medical condition. If you know you need a pair of eyeglasses to improve close vision but are not sure what reading glasses strength is best for your needs and eye health, take our free Peepers Vision Test.. Discover the right reading glasses lens strength and the most attractive frames for your face shape. Soon, you’ll have the perfect pair!