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Early Signs You Might Need Reading Glasses

Early Signs You Might Need Reading Glasses

Mother nature made our eyes like an auto focus video camera. As we age, the lens in your eye stiffens, and the muscle can’t auto focus the lens like it used to. This condition is called presbyopia (say that three times fast), and over time, the need for stronger and stronger reading glasses becomes a reality. Getting better with age requires seriously stylish eyewear and below are a few indications that you’ll get to start wearing Peepers.


Blonde woman outside wearing Peepers reading glasses laughing at her phone


Age and Accordion Arms

While the onset of this condition is different for everyone, it’s a good bet that you’re going to start experiencing some changes to your vision after the age of 40. If you used to be able to read the small print on a menu, book, or digital device with ease but now have to frequently adjust your arm-length to read clearly, this is a classic indication of presbyopia. Reading glasses can help!


Man in a cabin wearing a long-sleeved shirt and Peepers blue light reading glasses while working on a laptop computer


Eye Strain and Headaches

Do your eyes hurt after you look up from your book, computer, or other close-up work? Your eyes straining to focus can cause headaches. Taking regular breaks to relax your eyes and finding Peepers in your correct strength with blue light protection will have you looking and seeing your best.


Blonde woman in a sweater wearing Peepers reading glasses and reading a book


Is it Dark in Here?

Is it getting darker in restaurants, or is it just us? If you’re finding it harder to read in dim light and you need to bust out the flashlight app on your phone to see—never fear! Peepers are here!


Brunette woman in white wearing Peepers reading glasses and reading


Your Free Vision Test

If you’re experiencing any of the above indications, we recommend visiting your eye care professional to confirm you need readers and rule out a more serious medical condition. If you know you need readers but are not sure what strength, take our free Peepers Vision Test and find your perfect pair.