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What Are Progressive Glasses?

What Are Progressive Glasses?

These days, you have many eyewear options. Progressive reading glasses are popular, but only some people will need them to enhance their vision. What are progressive lenses and who should wear them? We’ll explain how they compare to regular reading glasses and how to find the right ones for your needs. 

What Makes an Eyeglass Lens Progressive?

Many lenses for focusing problems are considered single vision. Near-vision loss or presbyopia is common in older age, which encourages some people to get reading glasses.

Progressive lenses are different from single-vision glasses like blue light reading glasses because they are multifocal. These lenses correct distance vision and near vision conditions simultaneously. Some typical multifocal lenses include bifocals and trifocals. Progressive lenses are much like other multifocal glasses, except they have a smooth transition between different lens corrections. 

Instead of a line, your progressive glasses will look like they have single-vision lenses. This detail means your glasses will look more attractive and stylish. At the same time, you may find that your progressives make your vision clearer and sharper whether you’re looking near or far. 

How Do Progressive Lenses Work?

Now that you know what progressives are, it helps to understand how they work. Progressive lenses have three separate zones of vision. Standard progressives have a large zone for distance vision located at the top of the lens. This is also known as the “clear view zone,” making viewing objects from far away as comfortable as possible., while the near vision section at the bottom assists with reading and other close activities.    

Some styles of progressives work with smaller or slimmer frames. Others are designed along with blue-light blocking technology for the computer. We suggest reading the product descriptions when shopping for eyewear to decide which types of progressives are right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Progressive Glasses?

Not everyone who needs glasses is a candidate for progressive lenses. However, progressives can give many people more comfortable vision. If you’re interested in this eyewear, some of the main advantages of choosing this type of multifocal lens include: 

Better Reading Experience

If you are struggling with near-vision loss but need to see better while driving and doing distance activities, progressive lenses can give you a better reading experience. An expansive reading area at the bottom of the lens will keep you from straining and squinting while enjoying a book or using your smartphone. This can help you avoid headaches or eye strain that may come from needing glasses for near vision. 

Affordable Alternative to Single Vision and Multifocals

Progressive lenses have come a long way since their inception. Today, many progressive glasses and frames are just as affordable as readers and bifocal glasses. They also come in many frame shapes and colors, which means you can find a pair of attractive and budget-friendly eyewear. 

One Pair of Glasses for All Vision Needs

With more comfort and less eye strain, progressive glasses are also convenient. You won’t have to search for your readers because you have one pair of glasses for every occasion. Effortlessly transition from an intermediate gaze to your book or your tablet. If you choose blue light glasses with progressive lenses, you will also be able to avoid digital eye strain on your computer and other LED devices. 

What Should I Know Before Choosing Progressives?

If you’re not currently wearing progressive lenses, they typically require a period of adjustment. Your eyes and brain will need to adapt to the different powers, which could take a few days to a couple of weeks. Some people will hardly notice the difference, while others could experience some strain or mild headaches. According to WebMD, putting your glasses on first thing in the morning and wearing them gradually may help make the process even easier. 

While symptoms are temporary, we still want to make your adjustment experience stress-free. Peepers offers a 90-day return policy to ensure you can try and adjust to your glasses without second-guessing your decision. In a short time, you should be comfortable with your progressives and ready to see clearly in any setting. 

Shopping with us gives you the time and convenience to research all your options. You can also save money while comparing pricing and quality. Look for sites that manufacture progressive glasses directly so you can save while getting durable and innovative eyewear. 

Trying Progressive Lenses for Comfortable Vision

Progressive lenses can help you see better whether you’re working or enjoying some leisure time. Understanding your vision needs and buying quality progressive glasses can help you make the most of your eyewear. Along with our convenient returns, you can check out our quiz to find the perfect pair of glasses. Progressives can make your vision more comfortable and your life more unrestricted. With so many stylish frames and colors here at Peepers, you will find something that makes you look and feel amazing.