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Everything You Need to Know About Men's Reading Glasses

Everything You Need to Know About Men's Reading Glasses

Improve your daily life and elevate your style! Men’s reading glasses make it possible. Readers are the perfect accessory for a polished look and plenty of comfort. Our eyewear guide explains the many benefits of reading glasses for men. If you find they’re right for you, we’ll help you check out some of the best Peepers eyewear. 

Explore on-trend readers and blue light eyewear for every style and face shape. You’ll discover frames that flatter you and may help you avoid digital eye strain. Take the steps to shop for your perfect pair! With Peepers, finding men’s eyewear is easy. 


Reasons to Wear Reading Glasses 

Reading glasses feature magnification in the lenses to help you see better up close. There are a few reasons why you may think you need readers, especially if you’re around the age of 40. Here are some of the top reasons to get a vision test: 


Age-Related Farsightedness 

Have you been wondering if you’re nearsighted vs. farsighted? We can help you clear up the differences. The eye lens starts losing its elasticity during middle age. Your eye doctor may refer to it as age-related farsightedness or presbyopia. Around the age of 40, the eye lens becomes less flexible and struggles to change shape. Its rigidity makes it difficult for the lens to focus on close-up tasks. 

Reading glasses can help correct the issue if you’re experiencing age-related farsightedness. In contrast, nearsightedness involves difficulty with seeing faraway objects. 


Trouble Reading Up-Close 

If you need readers, close-up text can look blurry or cause straining of the eyes to see. Reading or using your smartphone should never be unpleasant, especially after a few minutes. Struggling to read with ease could mean you need to take a vision test. 


Tired Eyes While Reading 

It makes sense if your eyes are tired after reading for hours. However, some of us experience eye fatigue within minutes. Symptoms could be a sign that you need reading glasses. An eye exam or vision test can help you confirm if you need corrective lenses to read more easily and clearly. 



How to Choose the Perfect Pair 

A pair of men’s reading glasses can help correct the blurry vision and eyestrain causing you problems. One of the best parts about wearing readers is that they’re a stylish complement to your clothing. Consider your face shape and wardrobe to select the proper frames. Next, we’ll share with you some of our favorite reading glasses options for men to help inspire your next pair: 

Square Reading Glasses 

Add angles and edges to your look with a pair of square reading glasses! We have plenty of flattering designs for men, including our best-selling Vaughn. Elevate your style with classic men’s frame colors like smoke and tortoise. Live life fully with Louie! This daring pair of square eyewear will turn heads with an unexpected check print interior. Or go Off the Grid with soft square readers featuring a lightweight design and Blue Light Focus™ Lenses. 


Rectangle Shaped Frames 

Men’s readers and rectangle shape frames go hand in hand. If you like the rectangle look, shop our Monsoon eyeglasses. Dramatic colors and a dynamic eco-friendly design keep these frames lightweight and radiant enough for the office or the great outdoors. Hey Sailor keeps your days artful and fun-loving, especially with a colorful striped design.  


Round Shaped Eyewear 

Soften angular shapes with round eyewear. Men love the artisan craftsmanship of Reed reading glasses. Style Sixteen is a rounded design that offers the right amount of luxe for a nice dinner or day at the office. Apollo offers a classic, wear-anywhere look. Complement any men’s outfit with a color combination featuring black and black marble or Tokyo tortoise with teal. 


Half-Frame Eyeglasses 

Half-frame eyewear is so lightweight and fun that you’ll love pulling a pair out of your drawer or eyeglasses case. Shop for bright colors and delicate designs that flow freely with your most important tasks. South Beach is so colorful that it’s a mini vacation in a frame. Don’t forget to try a pair of Skinny Mini frames in classic colors that go with everything. Wear them while you read a best-selling book. Or, let them help you while you hold meetings or do essential research. 

Style Your Look with Flattering Men’s Reading Glasses 

Men’s reading glasses may be necessary once you reach middle age, but with Peepers they’ll also be a fashion statement. Use your reading glasses strength to find the perfect pair of men’s readers for you. We have flattering patterns and designs for every face shape and lifestyle. If you’re spending time outdoors, we even have men’s sunglasses styles for you. 

Now’s the time to find men’s eyeglasses that make you feel comfortable and content. With lightweight frames and lenses equipped with unique lens clearness and UV400 protection, there’s nothing you can’t do with your eyewear. Try on a few shapes and pick up a few styles for changing your everyday look. You’ll be impressed at just how amazing reading glasses can feel!