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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
How to Shop for Women's Reading Glasses

How to Shop for Women's Reading Glasses

Women’s reading glasses should put the fun in function! If you need readers to see up close, our tips will help you find the most flattering pair of Peepers. We have plenty of on-trend frames and comfortable reading glasses for women. Follow a few easy steps to find the most lovable eyewear for you.


Find Your Reading Glasses Strength 

The first step in shopping for women’s readers is knowing your reading glasses strength. So, how do you know what strength you need? Visit an eye doctor if you think you need an eye exam. We’ll help you find your reading glasses strength with the help of the Peepers Vision Test chart. 

Here’s how it works: Download and print a PDF version of our test chart, and then read the page from top to bottom until you can read a complete line. Next, look at the associated powers for that line. The strength you see is the one that you can use for your Peepers eyewear. 

If you prefer no-correction eyeglasses, no problem. You can still wear the same stylish frames at home or the office. Our eyewear without vision correction features Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses, our baked-in technology that filters over 40% of high-energy visible blue light. Even if you can see up close, our blue light eyeglasses can help you protect your eyes and avoid digital eye strain symptoms. 

Discover Stylish Frame Shapes 

After you decide on your reading glasses strength, it’s time to shop for stylish frame shapes. Here at Peepers, we’re always coming up with new looks in strengths from +1.00-4.00. We design frame shapes to flatter every face, including:


  • Round-shaped frames
  • Cat eye glasses
  • Square-shaped frames
  • Soft square eyeglasses 
  • Rectangle frames 
  • Half-frame eyeglasses 

    Discover thin, delicate designs and thick, chunky readers for making a bold statement. You’ll find reading glasses for angular face shapes and soft, round faces. We even have frames with unique geometric designs to keep your accessories fresh and exciting.



    Pick Patterns and Colors 

    Select your favorite frame shapes, then browse a spectrum of eyewear patterns and colors. Here at Peepers, many eyeglasses will match your personality and style. Classic colors like black and tortoise are available in every shape of readers, but if you’re feeling daring you’ll find animal-inspired patterns and juicy colors. Botanical prints and translucent hues make any style of reading glasses stand out. Or shop for readers with a dreamy iridescent look. Brightly colored eyeglasses in fiery red or cobalt blue are just what you need to dress up your neutral clothes. Discover new patterns you’ve never seen, like blush leopard or purple quartz. 


    Inspect the Lenses 

    Before you make your final decision, look closer at your lenses. Be sure they have everything you need to feel comfortable while reading or working. Peepers eyewear includes your reading glasses strength and Blue Light Focus™ Lenses, but we also add a 7-layer anti-reflective coating. This coating enhances contrast and reduces glare on the surface of your lenses so you can see better. Along with our anti-reflective coating and unique lens clearness, our lenses have a dual anti-scratch coating for lasting protection. UV400 protection blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays, while an aspheric material keeps your eyewear light and ultra-thin. 


    Shop for Stylish Peepers Reading Glasses 

    Now that you know how to shop for women’s reading glasses, you have plenty of inspiration to get started. We love sharing our readers so much that we also have a few recommendations. If you’re new to women’s readers, check out the following Peepers frames: 


    The best women’s readers like Showbiz will make you feel famous. You’ll turn heads with a flattering oversized square-shaped and gorgeous ombre dip. A crystal finish and gold wire core offer just the right amount of luxuriousness. Timeless patterns and on-trend color combinations keep Showbiz fresh for every season.   

    Center Stage 

    They’re one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Not for the faint of heart, Center Stage always makes a statement. It’s a daring oversized look with bold color choices, including green tortoise and pink quartz. A beautiful soft square shape flatters most faces, while spring hinges provide you the comfort you need to wear your readers all day. 


    If round shapes are more your style, Rumor is worth a second look. Monochromatic color combinations and vintage details make this design feel elevated yet timeless. Color dips featuring rich neutrals and stunning gold accents make Rumor feel even more polished. Wear these readers with solids or prints to create the ultimate fashion statement. 


    Cat eye designs are feminine and fun. Why not try a flirty and feminine look with the Betsy frame for women? You’ll love that this shape features your choice of animal prints. It’s also eco-friendly! Embrace your wild side and elevate your style from day to night. Some of our favorite patterns include black marble and leopard tortoise. 


    Discover Your Perfect Peepers for Women 

    Along with our best-selling reading glasses, there are plenty more styles to explore. Shop our readers for women and you’ll find the perfect pair for your reading glasses strength. If you need sunglasses for women, many of our styles come with polarized lenses or vision correction. 

    So, how much do glasses cost? Peepers women’s eyewear is quality and affordable. You’ll find a stylish pair for everyday wear and chic reading glasses for showing off your bold side. Go ahead and find the readers for you! You’ll love how they enhance your vision and accessorize your unique style.