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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
Finding the Fit: How to Measure Glasses Size

Finding the Fit: How to Measure Glasses Size

When shopping for eyeglasses, it is essential to get the right size for your face. Well-fitting glasses correct your vision where you need it most. Comfortable and well-adjusted frames will help you to see clearly through your lenses. At the same time, an optimal fit will give you a trend-forward style and enhance your confidence. 

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Some people have experience discussing measurements with an eye doctor or eyewear professional. These are ways to get your numbers to the laboratory, but you can also buy the right glasses from the comfort of your home. The following guide explains how to measure glasses size for your face, regardless of the glasses styles you like the best. Then, in a few short steps, you can find the perfect frames for your needs.

Gather the Tools to Measure

If your current glasses do not fit correctly or you cannot adjust them to your liking, it may be time for a new and affordable pair of specs. Peepers by peeperspecs® has plenty of frame styles and correction solutions for your vision needs. We are also a convenient and fun choice for people who need new glasses. To measure your new specs at home, you will need a current pair of frames. Find a pair of well-fitting and flattering readers or sunglasses from your repertoire to help take your measurements. 

If you do not have any glasses that you like, shop for a pair of clear lens glasses or reading glasses that you think look good on your face. Next, find a ruler or tape measure. It would be best if you had a pen or a pencil along with a notepad. Once you find these items, seek out a good standing mirror. If you prefer, you can sit in a chair in front of your reflection. 

Seeing yourself will help you ensure that you are taking your measurements correctly. It will also help you see how well your current lenses sit at the center of your eyes, which helps you get a clear and enhanced field of vision. Then, when you are ready with your tools and location, you can move on to your eyeglass measurements.

Understand the Most Common Eyeglass Measurements

here are specific measurements that help make up the best fit for your glasses. While you should always check the specifications for your preferred pairs of glasses, these numbers are usually measured in millimeters. The most common eyeglass measurements make it easy to create custom eyewear. They also help you find reading glasses or eyeglasses that look and feel comfortable on your face. 

You will take the exact measurements, no matter the correction or frame shape you need. The main numbers for your frames will include the following parts of the eyeglasses: 

Frame Width

The frame width is one of the most critical measurements for reading glasses. Unlike most of the other figures for eyewear, which are measured in millimeters, it is measured in inches. The correct frame width measurements will give you a comfortable and stylish fit. An optimal measurement will always sit wider than the width of your face. Narrow sizes of glasses are usually 124 mm and under, while the average width is between 125mm - 135mm. If you need wider frames than average, your width will usually be more than 136mm.  

Temple Arm Length

The temples connect to the front of the frame on either side. Well-fitting temple arms will wrap around and rest comfortably behind each ear. They will also fit evenly on the sides of your head. The most common temple arm measurements are between 125 mm and 155 mm. Some lightweight and plastic styles offer a little room for adjustment. 

Lens Size

The lens size is vital for most glasses because it helps to ensure you have enough space for your eyes. It also keeps your glasses looking proportionate on your face while keeping your vision clear. Smaller lenses will run around 50 mm in width. Medium lenses range between 51 and 54 mm, while the widest lenses are 55 mm or more. 

Lens Height

An accurate lens height ensures your eyes sit correctly behind your lenses. This feature can be crucial for multifocal lenses or progressive glasses since they feature multiple fields of vision. It is also an essential measurement for bifocal and trifocal glasses, which require the right eye and pupil placement. 

Lens Width

The lens width measures the horizontal diameter of one lens. Eyecare professionals also refer to it as your eye size. The most common widths for eyeglass lenses are between 31 and 60 mm. Measure both lenses for the most accurate fit, you should find the eye size should be the same for both. 

Bridge Width

The bridge is where the frame fits together against the nose. It is also known as the distance between the two lenses. Typical measurements are between 12 and 31 mm. 

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Learn How to Take Measurements for Glasses

To take accurate measurements for your glasses, list each of the above measurements on your notepad. An organized list will also keep you from getting figures mixed up. Logging your numbers will help you find the perfect pair of specs, regardless of your vision correction needs. Follow each step to get the complete measurements for your glasses: 

Measuring Lens Height and Width

To get the lens height, measure to the tallest point inside your frame. Progressive lenses must be at least 30 mm to function correctly. For lens width, span the ruler or tape measure from one side to the other. Record your figures in millimeters.

Measuring for Lens Size/Eye Size

Measure your lens horizontally from left to right to get the lens size. You can also write this down as the “eye size.” Then, complete the same measurement process on the left and right lenses.

Measuring the Temple Arm Length

To find the temple arm length, measure from the hinge break, or the very beginning of the temple, to the tip of the arm. If the components on your current glasses feel too loose or tight against the sides of your head, consider going up or down on the measurement. You will only need a couple of millimeters of adjustment, but it may prevent you from having to bend or bow your glasses.

Measuring the Bridge Width and Frame Width

For the bridge width, measure horizontally at the narrowest part  of the bridge between the two lenses. Bring your ruler or tape measure across from one edge of the lens to the other to get the most accurate figure. Frame width is measured by measuring the distance between the two screws that connect the temples to the frame front. Be sure to include the hinge pieces or detailing on glasses like cat eye frames or aviators. 

Measuring with Your Previous Glasses

By getting accurate measurements, you will help yourself find the best fit for your glasses. If you wore glasses in the past, you could use the measurements from eyeglasses that fit comfortably. The first step is to find the current measurements. 

Some glasses have numbers located on the inside of the arms or temples. The lens width, bridge width and temple length often appear on temple arms from left to right. Lens width and bridge width include two digits, while the temple length will have three. Avoid adjusting by more than a couple of millimeters to get the best fit. 

How to Know If You Have the Right Fit

Your measurements are an excellent guide for getting an accurate and comfortable fit. Finding glasses with customized measurements or similar measurements to your face will make it easier to see clearly. In many cases, the best way to know if your specs fit you is to wear them. 

The correct numbers will keep your glasses from being too tight or loose. Still, everyone has their preferences for how their specs should look and feel. Eyewear is nearly as unique as the individual. Some materials and frame shapes are better for different needs or lifestyles. Trying on a couple of pairs of eyewear will let you know if you can wear them regularly and if they enhance your vision.

How to Shop for Well-Fitting Glasses

Along with the above measurements, the right glasses shape will help you to get the most fashionable frames for your look. Several modern and classic designs will look great on your face and make it easier to see while working or reading. Some of the most popular men’s glasses here at Peepers by peeperspecs® include our traditional round frames and bold square frames. We also have sophisticated men’s rectangle-shaped glasses and eyewear in various patterns and colors. 

Our women’s glasses fit every style and personality. Discover well-fitting readers in sizes that look and feel great on your face. Soft square frames and trend-forward oversized glasses are sure to boost your fashion game. Chic round glasses keep you at your best day or night. Versatile rectangle glasses make for the perfect reading experience. 

Quick adjustments are not as easy with titanium or aluminum alloy glasses, which resist manipulation with the fingers or hands. If you are curious about how much glasses cost, know that the ones we have here on our site cost just $27 or less. That means you can feel free to experiment with your glasses. Shop for different frames that fit all of your vision or style needs without guilt or breaking your budget.

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Discovering the Perfect Glasses for You

Now you know how easy it is to measure glasses and find the right fit. Best of all, you can do it on a schedule that works for you. With the proper measurements and an idea of the frame shapes you like best, it truly is simple to find a style that comfortably fits your face. You will also find specs that make you feel confident and enhance your vision. 

There is an excellent pair of glasses out there for everyone. If you did not love the way your reading glasses or progressive glasses felt in the past, Peepers by peeperspecs® is different. We take the experience of wearing eyewear to a whole new level. While finding the right spectacles is fast and easy, you will also love our affordable prices and a vast selection of frames. 

While you see more clearly, you will have more fun with your look. Save your measurements for when you want to add another pair to your wardrobe. You may also like new sunglasses that make it easier to see while you drive. There is no right or wrong way to wear eyeglasses to enhance your quality of life. Knowing all about your glasses is the best way to see clearly and comfortably.