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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
How to Fix Scratched Glasses

How to Fix Scratched Glasses

Scratched glasses make it difficult to see through your lenses. Besides, large scrapes and nicks look unsightly. If your eyewear ends up with a few marks, you may be wondering how to fix scratched glasses. This guide will reveal the truth about damage to readers and blue light glasses. Discover how to remedy your eyewear and prevent future problems with your specs.

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Why Glasses Scratch

Many modern reading glasses feature quality, high-index plastic, acrylic or polycarbonate lenses. When you buy this type of durable, lightweight eyewear, you will help to prevent damage to your specs. However, they will still go through daily wear and tear. Glasses can also scratch when environmental debris like dirt and dust gathers on your lenses. If these particles rub into the plastic with your hand or a cloth, tiny scratches may appear. 

If you do not care for your lenses, the blemishes can worsen over time. In addition, it is possible to damage eyewear when setting them on a desk or table. Scratches may also occur if you rub your glasses against other objects or leave them in a pocket or purse. 

What Can You Do About Scratched Glasses

When you wear glasses daily, some tiny scratches may be unavoidable. In many cases, the abrasions on your glasses are minuscule or located on the corner of your lens. If you can ignore it without getting a headache or having visual disturbances, you can continue using your eyewear. 

Unfortunately, it is challenging to remove significant nicks and scrapes. If the scratch or abrasion is large or causing visual disturbances. Consider replacing your reading glasses if marks are making it difficult to see. Keep an extra pair of readers in your closet or desk drawer in case of an accident. 

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How to Prevent Scratches on Eyewear

Since it is difficult to fix scratches on glasses, it is essential to choose quality eyewear. Here at Peepers, all of our blue light reading glasses and classic readers feature a dual anti-scratch coating. This innovative glaze helps to prevent abrasions due to normal wear and tear. As a result, your glasses are less likely to scratch, so you will feel more confident about wearing them. 

Other ways to prevent harm to your frames include using protective glasses accessories like a hard case. Hard cases help store your lenses in a safe space while you travel. They will also help prevent excessive dirt and dust from reaching your specs. Avoid keeping your glasses in the car, especially when warm outside. Extreme temperatures can weaken the coatings that help to prevent damage. 

When cleaning your glasses, use a spray approved by an eye care professional. Our Peepers anti-fog cleaning spray with Peepers cleaning cloth makes it easy to properly are for your Peepers. Household sprays and window cleaners are not safe for your specs, so keep those in the cupboard. Avoid using paper towels and tissues, which are harsher on glasses than you think. Instead, soft microfiber cloths like our Peepers cleaning cloth kit, this material will help to prevent scratches on your lenses

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Discovering Stylish and Durable Glasses

A large scratch can cause permanent damage to your glasses. You can avoid the inconvenience of replacing them by shopping for readers designed to withstand normal wear and tear. Our glasses feature hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that resist dirt and oils. It also helps to prevent streaks and repel moisture. 

Whether you are shopping for men’s glasses or women’s readers, Peepers has you covered. We have blue light readers and even reading sunglasses made to last. 

Shop for classic tortoiseshell glasses and chic round cat-eye shapes. If you prefer, we have beautiful round oversize frames and trend-forward square readers. A fair price means you can pick up more than one pair of glasses. While you will have a style for every look, you will also have peace of mind knowing you have readers to use – no matter what happens.