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Peepers Pledges Donation During COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 24th, 2020, Peepers CEO Alec Sammann pledged to donate one pair of reading glasses to the American Red Cross for every pair purchased on Good Morning, America. "While we ask for your support, we also think it's necessary for us to do our part, too," Sammann said in a heartfelt message to viewers. 


Good Morning, America featuring Peepers to support small businesses during COVID-19 pandemic


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peepers is dedicated to ensuring those in need have access to necessary eyewear. Glasses are a necessity for those who need reading correction for any close-up tasks, including filling out forms and job applications and staying on top of the latest news updates. Viewers stepped up to the challenge with overwhelming support, and Peepers donated more than 58,000 pairs of reading glasses to charity.


Peepers employees loading Good Morning, America donation for United Way

Above: the first donation pickup is going out to United Way



Peepers employees at our distribution center worked hard to pick and pack tens of thousands of reading glasses to donate while keeping up with our day-to-day customer orders and needs. 


Peepers employees loading Good Morning, America donation for United Way


Due to the overwhelming volume, our team dispersed the donation across multiple charity organizations so we could help as many people as possible. Peepers glasses were sent to the following:


United Way

Salvation Army

Knights of Columbus & Indiana Lions

The Red Cross / Salvation Army of Monroe County, Indiana

Goodwill Industries of Michiana

New Eyes for the Needy

Literacy Chicago

Heartland Alliance Health

Chicago Lights McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital

Indiana K of C Disaster Response

New Jersey Lions

True Believers Community Connections

YMCA of Metro Chicago

Lions Optometric Vision Clinic of San Diego

YWCA of Chicago

Global Eye Project


Bill McDonald unloads Peepers donation in Indiana K of C Disaster Response warehouse

Disaster Response Coodinator Bill McDonald unloads boxes of donated Peepers into Indiana K of C Disaster Response warehouse



This generous donation was made possible by the public support we received from the viewers of Good Morning, America. Thank you to everyone who helped our small, family-run business survive this economic hardship and enabled us to give back to the community in turn! We're so proud to see people come together and help each other. The small gestures add up and make a big difference.


Peepers donates reading glasses to charitable organizations during COVID-10 pandemic

Boxes filled with donated reading glasses are packaged and awaiting pickup at the Peepers distribution center in Michigan City, Indiana


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"THANK YOU again!  Please thank your team for me as well!"

- United Way


"In a joint mission, Indiana Knights and Lions will soon deliver over 8,000 reading glasses to those in need; Special Olympics, Little Sisters of the Poor, Indiana Lions Mexico Vision Mission, various food banks, and many other organizations.  Thanks to Peepers for their generous donation."

- Knights of Columbus & Indiana Lions


"Thank you so much for the contribution. These glasses are going to come in handy for many of our students. Thank you again for your generosity, I really appreciate it."

- Literacy Chicago


"People are in love with them... You will never know how many lives your company has affected with this donation.  Sending great thanks!"

- Chicago Lights McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital


"Thank you so much for your kindness!  Please stay healthy and safe!"

- True Believers Community Connections


"Thank you so much for your donation! You are supplying people that are struggling to just buy food to be able to see/read! We are spreading this huge supply over three clinics that support the homeless in Chicago!  Much love and hope you and yours are safe and healthy and surviving through this crises. "

- Heartland Alliance Health


Donated Peepers reading glasses received by Heartland Alliance Health

Donated Peepers received by Heartland Alliance Health
Thank-you letter for Peepers donation to the Salvation Army