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Peepers Will Host a Drive-Thru Parking Lot Party for Teachers

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but we know teachers are feeling the heat as the summer starts to wind down and thoughts turn back to lesson plans and schedules. We’re here to help with a special treat to prepare the teachers of our community for the next school year and also say thank you for all that you do!

Peepers for Teachers is just one way we love giving back to our community! Since we started the initiative, we’ve collected over $29,700 to help the schools in our area, whether it’s donating reading glasses or school supplies, bringing breakfast for hard-working teachers, or making monetary contributions for schools to use in order to satisfy their individual needs, such as investing in new library books or updating old equipment.

This summer, we’re hosting a drive-thru parking lot party to remain COVID-19 conscious and ensure the safety of our staff and visiting teachers. Use this form to submit your order. Details about the event are below:


Peepers for Teachers Drive-Thru Parking Lot Party