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Good with Any Style: Best Glasses Frames for Men

Good with Any Style: Best Glasses Frames for Men

Some glasses frames are good with any style. If you're looking for classic eyewear, check out some of the best glasses frames for men. These looks are versatile, but they're also on-trend. With the help of this guide, you're sure to find comfortable and flattering blue light glasses or reading glasses frames for you.

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Round Glasses

Round eyeglasses are a classic men's look. Choose this timeless and polished frame shape if you want to flatter your look at home or the office. Or select round glasses to accent angular facial features like a square jawline. 

Round glasses are helpful if you want to soften a rectangular face shape. They can even accent certain styles. The right round specs give off an artful or eccentric vibe. Some of the best colors and patterns for round glasses for men include gray horn and tortoise. Green glasses make a statement, while black frames always offer a classic look.

Half-Frame Glasses

When it comes to reading glasses for men, new colors and designs make this look as stylish as ever. These days, it's also more dynamic and comfortable. 

Half-frame glasses or semi-rim glasses are popular because they're lightweight. As an added benefit, they make a statement. Choose a stylish pattern or a pop of color for the top or bottom of your lenses. When you pick half-frame glasses, you'll enhance your reading experience. Gaze over the top of your lenses or read with ease out of the bottom half. 

Clear or Translucent Glasses

These days, clear glasses are popular with everyone. Choose a clean translucent look or shop for see-through specs with color. Some stylish choices for guys include clear, soft square glasses and round-shaped blue light specs. 

If you like a vibrant look, you'll find reading glasses in translucent orange and red. Other flattering see-through colors for men include blue and green. Enjoy a sleek and timeless look with gray transparent glasses. 

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Oversized Glasses Frames

Bold, oversized frames are another flattering choice for men. If you're searching for a timeless design for your reading sunglasses or blue light glasses, you can try an angular shape in a neutral color like smoke or gray. You may also like square glasses with details like a keyhole nose bridge to make them more comfortable and stylish. 

Soft square glasses in trendsetting shades like botanical green and tan give off a cool vibe. Patterns like gray horn and navy tortoise add vibrancy and dimension. Lightweight and eco-friendly designs make these specs even more appealing.

Square Frame Glasses

Square frame glasses will always be a classic style for men. If you like the square look, you'll find frames in various styles and colors. This frame shape is incredibly flattering for oval faces. They can also be a fun shape for those who want to make a bold fashion statement. 

Some guys are looking for a place to start shopping. Oversized angular frames are in style. Or you can choose timeless patterns like tortoise and honey tortoise. A neutral shade like gray or tan will make your glasses match your outfits for home or the office.

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Find the Perfect Frames for You

Every man has their unique style. We can help you find your pair with our Perfect Pair Finder. While you’re here, learn about the benefits of our specs. Our glasses include an anti-reflective coating to enhance contrast and reduce glare on the surface of your lenses. We also include unique lens clearness and a dual anti-scratch coating to help protect your specs. 

We have everything from flattering and comfortable 2.75 reading glasses to no correction blue light glasses for work. No matter what you choose, our men's frames will feel great and appear flattering on your face. Go with frames that work with your face shape or try something new. When you shop with Peepers, you're sure to find the right combination of fashion and innovation.