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Blue Light Focus™ Reading Glasses

Help protect your eyes from digital eye strain in style with effective, quality-tested, blue light readers.

Everyone can benefit from blue light reading glasses, especially when they include technology from Peepers. Our Blue Light Focus™ specs are designed to enhance your vision while helping protect your eyes from high-energy visible blue light. With our signature computer glasses, you will reduce eye strain and enjoy a comfortable vision experience.

At Peepers, no correction lenses and reading glasses with blue light filters protect your eyes while improving acuity and contrast. Our proprietary baked-in lens technology safeguards your eyes from up to 40 percent of blue light, while an anti-reflective coating reduces glare when looking at a smartphone or computer screen. Barely-there tints give you the style and comfort you need, while a dual anti-scratch coating protects your reading glasses from everyday wear and tear. 

If you are reading or studying outdoors, you will enjoy the benefits of blue light readers while getting UV400 protection at the same time. Block up to 99.9 percent of UVA/UVB rays to preserve your eye health. Along with sun-blocking technology, an ultra-thin, lightweight acrylic lens material will make you wonder if you are even wearing glasses. Features for comfort, like spring hinges and a polycarbonate frame, create an even better blue light reading experience. Peepers blue light glasses are fun to wear, but they are also durable. Each pair goes through rigorous testing to ensure they last. 

Choose from various frame shapes and colors, including Oprah’s favorite glasses. Whether you like a beautiful, chic round shape or eco-friendly frames with timeless rectangle shapes, we have something for everyone. Eco-friendly, attractive square shapes are the perfect look for all occasions, while glasses in a comfortable and versatile rounded style appear subtle yet stylish. With blue light glasses from Peepers, it is easy to look fantastic and feel more comfortable living in a digital world. Shop our variety of men’s glasses along with our women’s styles and frame shapes for something that complements your unique look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover blue light reading glasses?
Blue light reading glasses might be covered under your insurance—it's a good idea to check your specific policy. Most readers are eligible for FSA spending.
Which blue light reading glasses are the best?
The best blue light reading glasses depend on your style preferences, the frame that fits your face shape, and the strength of readers you need. No matter which pair of Peepers glasses you choose, you can be sure you're getting quality frames and blue blocking lenses.
How can I get blue light blocking added to reading glasses?
This is an easy one. At Peepers, all of our reading glasses have blue light blocking lenses for your protection.