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Hair-Brained Styling: Accessories Based on the Color of Your Locks

Hair-Brained Styling: Accessories Based on the Color of Your Locks

Are you a winter, spring, summer, or fall? Do you know which season is associated with your skin and hair tone? If not, how can you tell?

It starts with determining if your skin and hair place you in a warm or cool category. While brunettes and redheads typically tend toward the warmer end of the spectrum and blondes and raven-haired beauties keep cool, there are variations in every shade that could skew hot or cold, so to speak.

However, certain tones are going to match better with warm or cool skin tones. If you’re the type that tans easily and your veins have a greenish hue under your skin, chances are you run warm. If, on the other hand, your skin vacillates between white-as-snow or sunburned lobster and your veins appear bluish in color, you’re likely cool as a cucumber.

The good news is, once you nail down your category, you can find the best clothing and accessories to match your inherent coloration. Here are a few tips to pick the perfect Peepers to match your seasonal attributes.


Peepers Clark, Center Stage, and Foxy Mama blue light reading glasses on a white background


Winter ladies are characterized by polarization, from platinum blond, to dark brown or jet-black hair, along with skin tones that tend toward the bluer end of the spectrum, whether you’re pale or dark-skinned. When it comes to styling, your best bet is to choose accessories in stark neutrals (black or white), as well as vibrant jewel tones in blue, violet, or red with a violet undertone.

Clark Focus frames in classic black or trendy clear are a great choice that will go with both blond and black tones, not to mention any ensemble. Or, if you want to make a statement, consider oversized Center Stage Focus in trendy navy tortoise or sassy Foxy Mama frames in purple with a smatter of sparkle along the brow.


Peepers Shine On, Dynomite, and Book It! reading glasses on a white background


Women assigned to the season of rebirth tend to have cool skin tones and sport icy blond to ashy brown hair. The good news is, you can get away with a few more hues than winter, including cool greens, blues, and purples. Try out Shine On in striking green, Dynomite in an attention-grabbing tortoise/blue combo, or opt for the retro appeal of round Book It! frames in either the indigo/teal color combo or berry with gray temples.


Peepers Grandview and Venice reading glasses and Heat Wave aviator sunglasses on a white background



Honeyed blonds and caramelly browns are the stars of summer coloration, along with skin tones ranging from golden to dark chocolate. The summer set can pull off all kinds of hues, from warm, vibrant reds and yellows, to a range of pastels.

Racy, red Grandview readers are ideal, although you could also go with honey tortoise in these rounded, oversized frames. For a bit more subtlety, step into crystalline Venice frames in pink or aqua. Don’t forget the perfect pair of sunnies – Ultraviolet aviators in pink/gold are sure to make every ensemble sizzle.


Peepers Bravado, To The Max, and Moderne Metal reading glasses on a white background


Autumn birds mimic fiery fall foliage with rich auburns, cinnamons, and chocolatey browns. As you may have guessed, delectable coppers, reds, and berry/vino tones typify the autumnal style. Take your look To the Max in traditional tortoise, spice it up with chunky, bold Bravado in mustard/honey tortoise, or up your style factor with Moderne Metal in deep red with gold undertones.