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Eye Spy the Perfect Cosmetic Solution: Makeup Glasses!

Eye Spy the Perfect Cosmetic Solution: Makeup Glasses!

If you rely on glasses to see, whether your vision is a teensy bit fuzzy or significantly impaired, the right eyewear can help you to read, drive, and generally go on leading a normal life with near-perfect sight. But what about when you have to take your glasses off?

Trying to master the art of getting close enough to the mirror without being so close that you’re squinting to apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can make the prospect of putting on eye makeup daunting, if not impossible. Instead of precision liner, you could end up with a cosmetic mess. The good news is you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of naked lids and lashes due to impaired vision.

With makeup glasses from Peepers, you can pen the perfect cat eye, add shimmer or glitter shadow galore, and ensure that your mascara goes directly on your lashes.

Peepers Makeup Glasses on a white background

What are Makeup Glasses?

At first glance when you unbox your pair of makeup glasses, you might think something is very wrong. They only have one lens! However, this is by design. You’ll notice that these glasses feature only a half (bottom) frame and temples, along with a single lens.

This allows you to enhance your vision in one eye while you put makeup on the other, and with only a lower frame, the top portion is open to give you plenty of room to maneuver cosmetic tools as you apply your makeup. We know what you’re thinking—what good is makeup on one eye? Do I have to buy two pairs of glasses—one for the right eye and one for the left?

Our product team was one step ahead when designing this nifty pair of glasses! The single lens is not fixed to one side of the frame like conventional glasses. It’s hinged so you can easily rotate it to the other side to complete your eye makeup.

Looking your best is important, which is why Peepers works so hard to design the fashion-forward glasses you crave. However, enhancing your best features with makeup as well as trendy eyewear can give you a double boost of confidence and statement style.


Brunette model in a black blouse demonstrating Peepers Makeup Glasses


The Benefits of Peepers Makeup Glasses

At Peepers, we put the same care and thought into our makeup glasses as every other pair we design, even though you’ll use them only for the purposes of applying cosmetics. You’ll enjoy a distortion-free lens with a dual anti-scratch coating to ensure a perfectly clear view as you apply your shadows and liners. The lens even offers UV360 protection, in case you prefer natural daylight when applying cosmetics, and you can choose from +1.50, 2.00, 2.50, or 3.00 correction strength to enhance your vision.

The temples feature spring hinges for stability and comfort, and each pair comes with a complementary canvas case for safekeeping.