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Hottest Frames of the Year

Hottest Frames of the Year


Blonde woman wearing Peepers Grandview blue light reading glasses "This Season's Best Sellers"

Oversized flair is a great way to put your best face forward this holiday season and heading into the new year, and there’s no better way to broaden your view than with Grandview frames in honey tortoise. This golden accessory will warm your face and perfectly accent seasonal colors like saturated reds, plums, and winter whites. If you want to banish the icy blues and grays of winter, these flattering, rounded frames in caramelly tortoise are sure to do the trick.

Grandview honey tortoise blue light reading glasses by Peepers


Brunette woman wearing Peepers Center Stage blue light reading glasses

Our hands-down, no-contest best seller by a landslide! If you need eyewear as outsized as your extroverted personality, you’re definitely going to gravitate toward these chunky, oversized stunners. Center Stage Focus frames have been included on Oprah’s famous Favorite Things list, and it’s not hard to see why. Pick up a pair in navy tortoise, our hottest new color trend, to declare yourself the most confident fashionista in any room.

Center Stage blue light reading glasses by Peepers 


Man wearing Clark blue light reading glasses by Peepers

Clark Kent famously hid his identity behind conservative, traditional frames. Our take on this classic, the Clark Focus style, elevates the timeless appeal of these rectangular frames with metallic accents at the temples and a rainbow of colors to personalize your style. Flattering on both ladies and gents, not to mention a wide range of face shapes, these simple, modern frames are sure to catch attention, especially when you choose clear, ethereal eyewear that’s perfect for winter and will continue to stun year-round.

Clark Focus clear blue light reading glasses by Peepers


Brunette woman at a lake wearing To The Max blue light reading glasses by Peepers

Eyewear doesn't need to be serious to add sophistication to your wardrobe, as these jaunty frames prove. Add a dash of audacious appeal to your palette with To The Max frames in black. Chunky and squared, these specs are going to be noticed, especially in stark, shiny black, but they’ll still pair perfectly with any outfit, from weekend sweaters and skinny jeans to the glittery little black dress you’re wearing to the New Year’s Eve celebration party.

To The Max in black blue light reading glasses by Peepers


Blonde woman smiling and wearing Oprah's Favorite blue light reading glasses Limelight by Peepers

We’re always on top of the latest trends, as evidenced by Limelight frames in the most compelling neutral of the year, gray tortoise. While tans and creams have gained popularity, gray tortoise adds a ton of character through pattern with a twist on the classic, especially when paired with metallic accents. Just added to Oprah’s list of Favorite Things for 2019, Limelight frames offer a great way to put yourself front and center.

Limelight gray tortoise blue light reading glasses by Peepers