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How To Find The Best Men's Reading Glasses

How To Find The Best Men's Reading Glasses

Over 60% of the adult population currently wears some sort of corrective lenses in the form of glasses or contacts. There are several situations that might warrant reading glasses.

The older you get, the more likely you are to need glasses. That’s due to a condition called presbyopia, where people become farsighted as their eyes lose their elasticity. Almost everyone experiences some form of presbyopia after age 40, while certain medications and medical conditions can lead to premature presbyopia.

When you stop avoiding the need for reading glasses and embrace them instead, you can use reading glasses to enhance your style and make a statement. They can be a stylish accessory to take your ensemble to the next level.

Shopping Stylish Men’s Reading Glasses

Shopping for reading glasses can be particularly frustrating for men since the selection can feel extremely limiting or even repetitive. It’s a bit like shopping for a suit: while you can spot differences between the various styles, after awhile it can feel like you’re looking at the same assortment of colors and shapes.

Whether you’re the type of guy who wants to elevate your look with stylish reading glasses or you want to get playful with funky reading glasses, it can be hard to know where to start in choosing the perfect pair.


The shape of your reading glasses can draw focus to your face in unique ways. For example, round or soft square glasses can soften an angular face shape, making you look more friendly and approachable. Our Dynomite blue light glasses are a great example of this round style in action.

Dynomite Blue Light Glasses

If, on the other hand, if you have a round face you might prefer square or rectangular frames. The straight edges and right angles of these frames can draw the eye towards making your face appear longer and leaner.

Another consideration is how tightly you want your glasses to fit the shape of your eye. Consider the overall choice between chunky, oversized glasses, or slim, understated glasses. Oversized frames can make a great statement, exuding confidence and drawing attention to the glasses themselves as fashion-forward accessories.

On the other hand, slim readers like our Skinny Mini frames can make eyes appear larger and more expressive while emphasizing a minimalist style.


Skinny Mini Frames


Fit on Bridge of the Nose

How your glasses fit on the bridge of your nose isn’t just a stylistic choice: it also affects how comfortable your glasses feel when you’re wearing them. If your pupils sit at or below the bridge of your nose, then you have a low nose bridge. Look for bridge styles that are designed for this facial feature with a lower bridge.

 Golden Tortoise Shell


On the other side of the spectrum, you can look for glasses with a raised nose bridge, like our Golden Tortoise Shell peepers. This stylistic choice creates a statement with your eyes, while also allowing the lenses to rest further down on your nose. This raised nose bridge helps you see over your glasses more easily, making them easier to wear appropriately in daily life; proceed as normal with your days, and only look through them when you look at something close-up.


Men’s reading glasses are often available in only the most basic colors: black, brown, and tortoise shell. But some modern men are looking for reading glasses that call attention to the eye, accentuate the perfect outfit, or otherwise showcase a bit more unique personality.


 Headliner    Headliner

Look for styles you love that come in multiple shades, like our Headliner glasses: bold round lenses that we offer in five unique colors.


If you’re hoping to sport some funky reading glasses, you’re going to want to look for Peepers with a playful touch. Check out The Rogue, which has a unique shape and color combo that is sure to turn heads. Fashion-forward glasses like these are ideal for the modern trendsetter, sure to set you apart from the crowd and accentuate your fashion choices.


Is There a Difference in Quality of Reading Glasses When You Buy Online?

There is a lot of variability in the quality of reading glasses available to purchase, regardless of whether you are shopping online or in-store. You have to examine each retailer on a case-by-case basis.

The quality of Peepers reading glasses is unmatched, whether you’re comparing them to other eyewear retailers or to the cheap reading glasses you might find at your local drug store. We put a lot of attention to detail into every detail of how our glasses are made.

  • Our lenses are distortion-free, giving maximum clarity of vision and anti-scratch coating on both sides.
  • Our frames have spring hinges that provide comfort for long wear and are made of high-quality materials.

In fact, because of how involved we are with maintaining the quality of the materials and construction of our glasses, the entire Peepers team is able to fully stand by our products.

Leisurely Browsing Process

In-store experiences usually involve some blend of pushy salespeople and lack of privacy, among other nuisances. Buying reading glasses online means you’re free to browse on your schedule at your own pace, taking as much or as little time as you need to narrow down your selections and decide what you want.

And if you do end up wanting the expert advice from us, that’s still an option. You can still get expert feedback when you shop online! You have a variety of ways to contact our customer experience team and can get someone on chat or on the phone quickly if you’re shopping during our business hours.

And if you need to shop during off-hours, you can do that, too — a convenience not offered in brick-and-mortar stores — while being able to count on the fact that any email inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours.

Stress-Free Return Policies

It can sometimes be difficult to shop for glasses online without trying them on. We now offer a virtual try-on solution so that you can see what the frames look like on you before you buy! You can find this feature on any of our product pages by clicking “Virtual Try-On”.

If you receive your glasses in the mail and they still don’t work for you, we offer return or exchange policies. With stress-free return policies, you can send glasses back if they don’t look or feel the way you expected once you get them in your hands. Quick and easy returns also allow you to buy reading glasses as gifts for other people in your life, knowing that they will be able to return them if the style isn’t exactly what they’re going for.

Filter by Features

Imagine that you’re looking for reading glasses and you know that you want round frames, or maybe you know you’re looking for something red to accentuate a certain ensemble.

If you were shopping in a store, you’d have to walk up and down the aisle and look at each pair of glasses individually to find the features you wanted. But when you shop online, you can filter your results so that glasses with the features you’re looking for appear front-and-center.

Read Reviews on the Spot

As you shop for glasses, it’s impossible to know if they’re going to last a long time or if they will feel comfortable after you wear them all day. Read the reviews from other customers that are linked directly to the products, which offer insights about the experiences other men have had with the reading glasses you’re considering. This can help you make an informed judgment before you buy your readers.

Stylish Eyewear is Just a Click Away

Unique, fun, stylish reading glasses are just a click away—whether you’re looking for classic styles or something unique. Shop online based on the features that are most important to you.