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How to Increase Reading Speed

How to Increase Reading Speed

Reading can be relaxed and fun. When there’s a reason to read quickly, you can learn how to increase reading speed to reach your goals. Remember, there’s no single formula for reading faster. Instead, experiment with some top strategies to find what works. 

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Reading Somewhere Quiet

A simple way to boost your reading speed is to eliminate distractions. Grab your reading glasses and materials ahead of time so there’s no reason to pause your session. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t hear background noise. Some readers will need complete silence to be at their best reading speed. If you need to drown out any sound, use a white noise machine. 

Some people prefer to read with nature sounds or instrumental music in the background. Try different styles to see what works. Check your reading speed to see how long it takes you to complete your material. You may be moving through pages or chapters faster than before. 

Wear the Right Glasses

If you’re reading slower than usual, try glasses. You may have a condition called presbyopia, which occurs around middle age and makes it more challenging to read things up-close. An eye doctor can help explain the eyes’ natural aging process. Thankfully, there are plenty of stylish reading glasses to help increase your reading speed and make reading more comfortable. 

People who do computer work or study on a tablet can try blue light glasses to read faster. Digital eye strain or can be uncomfortable, which can impact how quickly you read. Put on a pair of Peepers blue light specs and help protect your eyes from visual fatigue. When reading outside, you can bring polarized sunglasses. Reading sunglasses combine readers with chic and modern sunglasses to combine style with function. 

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Try to Text-to-Speech (TTS) Software

Sometimes increasing your reading speed is about having more time. If you’re someone with a busy schedule, you can use text-to-speech (TTS) software to convert print text to an audio file. TTS allows you to listen to books and reports on your computer or a mobile device. Increase the playback speed and the narrator will speak faster. This strategy can help to cut minutes off your reading time. 

Text-to-speech can also help with reading comprehension. Follow along to the audio file while you read the print text. You’ll reinforce the words, which will help you to understand information faster. When you don’t have to read things twice, you save time and increase your overall reading speed. 

Read Text Aloud

Did you know that reading aloud helps improve reading fluency? It’s the reason why children do it in school. As an adult, it can help you tackle challenging concepts or get through pages upon pages of intricate details. Some also find reading aloud to be more fun or inspiring. 

This strategy can work for any age, so try reading aloud at home or at work. You can even read out loud as a group. Put this classroom concept into practice, and you may read faster and more accurately.

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Set a Timer

Sometimes you need to read but don’t have any motivation to spare. Keep yourself interested and on track by setting a timer. Use a timer on your smartphone or a stopwatch. You can start by giving yourself a time frame to finish a chapter or reading assignment. 

Now, it’s time to begin reading. If you finish the text before time is up, try reading a few seconds faster next time. Make a note of your progress to keep increasing your reading speed. 

Enhancing Your Reading Experience

If you ask us, the best reading experience is relaxed and enjoyable. When it’s not leisure time, you can learn how to increase your reading speed and finish your important assignments. There are many ways you can experiment with reading — and even more ways to love reading again. Try one or two strategies to see what works for you. Remember, you can always adjust your system and try new things. 

Talk to an eye doctor when you have questions about your vision or eyewear. They can give you tips for reading speed or help you find reading glasses or blue light glasses for your needs. Then, when it’s time to shop for glasses with Peepers, you’re sure to find specs that look great and inspire your style.