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How to Measure Frame Size and Width for Reading Glasses

How to Measure Frame Size and Width for Reading Glasses

If you look closer at your reading glasses, you’ll notice a set of numbers inside the temple. These figures help you find the most accurate, comfortable fit. It’s easy to learn how to measure the frame size of glasses and the proper width at home. Discover stylish reading glasses and a fit that makes you feel confident. 

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What is Frame Size and Width?

The frame size of your glasses isn’t one figure, but three separate measurements. Your temple measurements  include the lens width, bridge width and temple length. You may also see the fourth number on the inside of the arms, which is known as the lens height. All these figures are in millimeters (mm) and will help you to get the right frame size for your reading glasses.

The frame width is just as essential as frame size for a good fit. Most eyewear measurements are in millimeters, but the frame width is calculated in inches. It’s the distance across the brow part of the frames or, alternatively, the measurement spanning one temple screw to another. At Peepers, we measure in millimeters and inches.You can use this information to determine if your glasses meet the wide, average or narrow designation for Peepers frame width. 

Measuring Frame Size

Now you can move on to measuring frame size for the perfect fit. A simple way to find this figure is to grab a pair of glasses you already own. Check the temple arms for the corresponding lens width, bridge width and temple length. You can also make note of the lens height for the most accurate look and feel. If you don’t already have measurements for glasses, you can measure your frame size yourself. All you need is a standard ruler or tape measure to get each number. 

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Lens Width

For lens width, use a tape measure or ruler to get the horizontal diameter of one lens. Eye care professionals often refer to this figure as eye size. Your lens width should be somewhere between 31-60 mm. For a quality fit, measure both glasses lenses and be sure the eye size is the same for both. 

Temple Length

The temple length is measured with a ruler or tape measure from the hinge break or the beginning of the temple to the end. If you want to check your work, some common temple measurements are between 125-155 mm. 

Measuring Frame Width

It’s always helpful if you have the right frame width before you buy a pair of reading glasses. An accurate frame width will help you find frames that are just a bit wider than your face. To get started, check the distance between the two screws that connect the temples to the front of the frame with a ruler or tape measure. 

Don’t forget to include the hinge pieces and detailing for the most accurate measurement. This is especially important for glasses with sweeping corners or angular features. Check that no more than a finger width sits between the temple arms and your face. If the fit is any wider, your frames may look too wide for your face size and shape. Your glasses should always sit slightly wider than the width of your face for the most flattering, natural look. 

When it’s time to shop, Peepers narrow frames are under 5” wide, with a measurement between 4” and 5”. Wide fit glasses are 5.26” and up, while our average frames run between 5” and 5.25”. Check your figures against typical frame sizes to be sure you’re getting a good fit. 

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Wearing Comfortable, Stylish Reading Glasses

Reading glasses will always feel more comfortable when they fit well for your face size and shape. It doesn’t matter if you already wear 2.75 reading glasses or want to try a pair of blue light reading glasses for the first time. Just a few minutes of measuring will have you on your way to shopping for a stylish and on-trend pair of specs. 

If you have additional questions about frame size or width, ask an eye doctor. They can help you get the right measurements for your new glasses. Discover the frames for your style and personality, including feminine cat-eye glasses and daring aviators. We even have thick, oversized glasses or thin, metallic specs. You can’t go wrong when you’re wearing your Peepers, as long as they fit well and make you feel confident!