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Largest image in Creative New Styles to Channel Your Inner Artist
If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
Creative New Styles to Channel Your Inner Artist

Creative New Styles to Channel Your Inner Artist

With spring right around the corner, it’s not too soon to start reimagining your style with bright, bold fashions for the fairer months! There’s a certain sense of freedom when you throw off your heavy, winter clothing in favor of light, breezy garments for spring, and choosing the right accessories is an essential step in completing every outfit. To that end, Peepers is pleased to present a variety of creative, eclectic styles to help you coordinate your singular style. If you’re looking for offbeat, artistic frames to showcase your unique personality this spring, here are a few of our latest styles for your consideration.


Brushwork Peepers blue light reading glasses folded flatlay on mustard gold cloth


Handy with the Brushwork

For those who defy conformity but still want to look spectacular, the abstract style of these funky frames is sure to please. Brushwork begins with a classic front in navy or tortoise to go with any style but ups the ante on creative styling with temples in complementary hues featuring abstract strokes and splatters reminiscent of artists like Pollack and Kandinsky. With lightweight framing and cat-eye design, these sophisticated glasses will be the highlight of your spring wardrobe.


 Peepers Terrazzo blue light glasses folded on a table with artist paints and a cell phone


Drinks on the Terrazzo

Soft, squared wayfarer styling – the epitome of cool – has never looked better than with our Terrazzo design, reminiscent of the organic stippling of quartz, granite, and glass chips found in the composite construction material of the same name. In black or cream, speckled with myriad rainbow splotches and spots, these eclectic frames are attention-grabbing, to be sure. With a slight cat-eye tilt at the corners, they’re a universally flattering shape that will perfectly frame every flirty wink and eyelash flutter.


Peepers Collage blue light reading glasses with striped canvas case on an artist's paint pallette


Collage Education

The best part of art classes was never the tedious studies of still life – it was definitely the collage segments where you merged disparate elements together to create a startling new interpretation of beauty. Capture that feeling of excitement once again with Collage eyewear in blue fronts with cream terrazzo temples or rust fronts paired with black terrazzo. The rounded fronts are truly expressive, while the temples celebrate your love of creativity.


Brunette woman reading a book wearing Wavelength blue light Peepers reading glasses in front of an abstract painting


On Your Wavelength

Art doesn’t have to be disorganized to be imaginative, as evidenced by our crafty Wavelength frames. Square fronts in red or tortoise are punctuated by silver embellishments and flanked by temples featuring scalloped waves in black/gray tones or cool blue/green hues, respectively. Seriously whimsical and smart, but girly, these fun and fanciful frames will add just the right dose of dreaminess to every spring ensemble.

Wavelength blue light reading glasses by Peepers on white background