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Measurement Guide | Find Your Perfect Fit

Measurement Guide | Find Your Perfect Fit

Just as there are certain frame shapes that complement different face shapes, there are variations in frame sizes to better fit every unique visage. While Peepers doesn’t offer custom frame sizes, we do want to ensure that every shopper finds the frames that offer the best possible fit. This is why we always provide measurements for our eyewear.

What does it all mean, though, and how can you figure out the right measurements for your needs? Here’s what you should know about the numbers that define the parameters of each pair of Peepers frames.

Peepers frame measurement guide


Frame Width

Our frames come in narrow, average, or wide designations, and this has to do with the frame width, or the measurement spanning one temple screw to the other (essentially, the distance across the brow portion of the frames). Knowing this important measurement can help you to find a pair of Peepers suitable for the size and shape of your face or pick between a bold, oversized frame or more understated sizing. Frames under 5” across will fall into the narrow category, while those 5.26” and up are considered a wide fit.


Eye Size

This is a measurement of the lens from side to side on the horizontal plane (excluding the frame). What can this tell you? How much of your gorgeous eyes will show, as well as the field of vision you’ll enjoy. If you hate having the edges of frames crowding your peripheral vision, opt for an oversized pair with wider eye size.


Temple Length

The temples, or arms of your glasses, hook over your ears to ensure that your Peepers stay firmly in place on your face. The measurement here, from the hinge to the tip of the earpiece, helps to determine where frames will sit. Standard temples lengths are in the 145mm to 150 mm range. If you like your frames right on the bridge of your nose, an average or shorter temple length is ideal. If you prefer your readers to sit a little lower, a longer temple length will help you accomplish your goal. People with larger heads tend to prefer a longer temple length.


Frame Height

The measurement of your frames from top to bottom tells you how much of your eyes and cheeks the eyewear will cover. If you want average frames, choose a frame height of about 1.6 inches. Inconspicuous half-frames are roughly an inch, while oversized stunners are closer to two inches in height.


Nose Bridge

You might not think it matters how wide the area is that rests on your nose, but since this can affect fit, it’s worth looking into. If you have a wider nose, you don’t want a bridge that pinches, and if you have a narrower nose, you’d rather not have your frames sliding down. A good standard to remember is right around 18mm as an average fit. Checking this measurement can help you find the perfect frame for your face, but keep in mind that different frame shapes and styles may sit differently on your nose depending on the construction of the bridge. We offer several types, from standard built into the mold, to attached nose pieces, to keyhole nose bridges. Don’t be surprised if a variety of measurements work well for you.


Optical Fit

This measurement includes the eye size, nose bridge, and temple length to give you a quick snapshot of proportions that you can use to pinpoint the perfect pair of Peepers every time you order. These numbers are called Boxing Measurements and are printed on the inside of most optical glasses that you get from your eye doctor.  If you have a pair of glasses that fit well, you can compare the measurements on your prescription glasses to our website to find the perfect fit for you.


Women's Viewpoint blue light half-frame reading glasses by Peepers on artist's palette


With these measurements in mind, we're sure you'll find your sweet spot for the perfect frame size! If you're not fully satisfied with your Peepers for any reason, we have a stress-free 90-day return/exchange policy and are more than happy to help you find your dream pair!