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Peepers For Teachers is BACK!

Peepers For Teachers is BACK!

Peepers is a family-run company that wants to give back – and we’re starting at home.

Peepers for Teachers started in 2012 as a social media campaign to encourage our followers to nominate schools to receive an assortment of Peepers readers to kick off the school year.

The campaign was an amazing success! 40 schools and over 1,000 pairs were donated since it started, but we want to do more. Among the many ways teachers go the extra mile, they often spend their own money to ensure students have access to supplies and resources that will enable them to receive the best possible education.





This year we’re taking Peepers for Teachers to the next level by creating a dedicated fund that will help local schools give the teachers the tools they need to teach our future!

We’re showing our support of education through:

  • Donations of glasses and other assorted supplies
  • Service hours


Check back regularly as we do our absolute best in making a difference!