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Peepers Supports Special Projects for Local Classrooms

Peepers Supports Special Projects for Local Classrooms

Still, we wanted to do more, and so we decided to support special projects based on requests from area teachers intent on going above and beyond to deliver a truly exceptional classroom experience for their students. In 2019, Peepers committed to paying for three Donor’s Choose projects in Michigan City Schools.


Let’s Get Moving

When Mrs. Bilderback of Pine Elementary requested funding for needed sensory tools to improve the learning experience for children in her classroom, we were happy to help, knowing how much of a difference these essential resources would make. Mrs. Bilderback thanked us for improving the lives of these deserving, young students, but we know she’s the one making a real difference through her devotion, and we’re just happy for the opportunity to support her endeavors. 


Terrific Texts

Textbooks are a crucial part of the learning process in any classroom, but once schools purchase them, they may be in rotation for 7-10 years and become hopelessly outdated. When Ms. Maguire requested books for a project intended to diversify the reading process for her students, we agreed it was a worthy pursuit and sprang into action, providing the funding for a new collection of books for her classroom library.

In February, in honor of Black History Month, Ms. Maguire challenged her students to choose books depicting African-American characters or featuring African-American authors, and she planned to do the same for Women’s History Month. With the funding she received, she was able to provide several new suitable options for students, helping to expand their exposure to new authors and works, with more planned for the future. Already, excited students are eager to read the new books, and the subjects are sparking conversations.


Picassos with Pavloff

Like Miss Pavloff of Edgewood Elementary, we understand the importance of arts in education, so we were thrilled to receive her request for funding aimed at providing art supplies to students. Through canvas and paint, Miss Pavloff’s students were able to explore their creativity in new and exciting ways, not only broadening their own horizons and tapping into hidden talents, but also supporting each other in artistic pursuits.

Many of the first-grade students were eager to render the titular character from the popular Pete the Cat books, with the assignment “Pete the Cat Loves Spring” in honor of the season. Miss Pavloff not only prompts her students with artistic assignments, but encourages them to choose the topics of their art and add personal touches.


 At Peepers, we understand that businesses and communities work better together, which is why we’re so pleased to continue finding ways to raise money for local schools and provide needed funding to classrooms and teachers in pursuit of excellence. Nothing is more gratifying than learning that our donations to special projects at Michigan City schools have given teachers the resources needed to instill a love of learning in their students, and we look forward to doing more in the future.