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Behind The Design



Our Director of Merchandising and Design, Kelley Bruemmer, shares an in-depth look at the inspiration and design decisions that drive our one-of-a-kind collections each and every season.


What goes into deciding which trends make sense for eyewear?

There are many trends that happen simultaneously and we strive to choose the ones that are the most appropriate for our consumer and eyewear. For instance, in eyewear we are working with a small canvas when it comes to graphics, so we must make sure the chosen trend can translate onto a small space and still make an impact. Our resident designer creates one-of-a-kind artwork for each pair of glasses and assures our designs reflect current trends. 



How important are shapes? How do you choose?

It's important for us to build an assortment that's balanced in shape selection. We make sure to offer trend-forward shapes like oversize and cat-eye, while balancing it out with more traditional rectangles and rounds. We want to offer a well-rounded assortment for all face shapes. 



Who are we designing for?

Peepers styles are meant for anyone who wants to express themselves through eyewear. We strive to bring out the beauty of self expression by providing frames that allow each individual personality to shine through. 



What was your inspiration for the Spring 2019 Collection?

Our inspiration for this spring was a take on surf, focusing on the laid back boho element of surf culture. Taking cues from natural elements like driftwood and soft sunsets, the line showcases sun-drenched water colors as well as fun-loving bold shapes.