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New Pair of Peepers? Practice Proper Cleaning and Care for Endless Wear

New Pair of Peepers? Practice Proper Cleaning and Care for Endless Wear

Whether you’re purchasing a trendy new pair of Peepers eyewear for the first time or you have a closet full of fabulous frames already, you naturally want to keep them in good condition so they can continue to improve your vision and complement your wardrobe for years to come.

Luckily, we have the 4-1-1 on how to keep your favorite Peepers looking fresh and fantastic. Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintenance that will ensure your glasses look as good as new every time you put them on.


Peepers blue light reading glasses sitting next to a laptop with a cleaning cloth kit and cleaning kit


Keeping It Clean

When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to use anything at hand to clean smudges from your lenses, but using a tissue, a paper towel, or the hem of your shirt is a strict no-no. Although our glasses have anti-scratch coatings on the lenses, they aren’t immune to damage, and even textiles or paper goods that seem soft can be laden with scratchy fibers that will harm your lenses over time, impairing your vision with every pass.

Due to the custom coatings on the lenses, avoid using harsh cleaners like alcohol or vinegar that can strip those protective coatings away or discolor your frames. When you have the time, it’s beneficial to clean your lenses and frames with warm, soapy water, or better yet, with a cleanser specifically formulated for eyewear, such as the lens cleaning fluid found in our Cleaning Kit. For on-the-go cleaning, you’re sure to love our Cleaning Cloth Kit, complete with three luxurious, microfiber cleaning cloths that will keep your lenses smudge-free with nary a scratch.


Peepers Lois blue light reading glasses sitting on a smart phone with a striped canvas case


Smart Storage

You might think it’s no big deal to throw your glasses in your car’s center console or toss your sunglasses in your purse when you head indoors. Unfortunately, this treatment is likely to result in damage such as scratched lenses, wonky frames, and broken temples.

We offer fashionable solutions to protect your readers and shades. Every pair purchased directly from Peepers receives a complimentary gray canvas case, but if you’re looking to upgrade to more fun colors, our Canvas Cases also come in navy, pink, or a trendy stripe pattern. These nifty cases are small enough to fit in purses or pockets but plush enough to cushion your frames and prevent scratches.


Peepers Standing Ovation blue light reading glasses in gray tortoise secured on a beaded cord


Maintaining Your Eyewear

What you wear is important, but when it comes to your Peepers, how you wear them makes a difference as well. If you want to maintain your eyewear, try not to pop it on top of your head, as this can stress the temples and ruin the fit. We get it—this can be a hard habit to break! If your glasses aren’t on your face, place them in a carrying case or use a Beaded Cord or Faux Leather Cord to keep them on hand around your neck.

A good maintenance practice is to check the screws periodically to make sure they’re tight. Consider our cute Cleaning Kit as the perfect complement to any Peepers eyewear purchaseyou’ll enjoy a bottle of lens cleaner, a suitable cleaning cloth, and even a screwdriver and a spare set of screws to ensure your glasses stay in ship shape.

Peepers cleaning kit for eyewear