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Shop By Shape: Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

Shop By Shape: Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

Glasses For Round Face Shape Diagram

Best Glasses for Round Faces

Your face is considered “round” if it’s nearly the same length and width and the curves are soft. Think of Ginnifer Goodwin or Stacey Dash as examples of people with round faces.

As a general rule, if you have a round face shape, you’ll want to avoid round glasses. Instead, consider reaching for an angular frame. Thin rectangular frames or soft square frames can offer a nice contrast to the natural curves of your face, enhancing your naturally youthful appearance.

Check out Clark, a best seller with blue light lenses as an example of a great style to pair with your round face.

Glasses For Square Face Shape Diagram

Best Glasses for Square Faces

Square faces are similar to round faces because they are proportionately nearly as wide as they are long. Unlike round faces, however, square faces are all about the angles, usually featuring a wider forehead and prominent jawline. Celebrity examples of square faces include Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore.

The trick to wearing glasses when you have a square face shape is to search for Peepers with gentle curves that will soften some of those angles. Look for glasses that are oval or rounded, like our Headliner Peepers.


Glasses For Oval Face Shape Diagram

Best Glasses for Oval Faces

Just like a rounded face, an oval face is known for its soft curves. Oval faces stand out, however, because they are longer than they are wide. Examples of celebrities with oval faces include Charlize Theron and Beyoncé.

In general, you’ll want to opt for angular glasses with a little bit of height to them. Although you can pull off a classic cat-eye, chunkier glasses are a great choice to balance your face shape, especially oversized styles. Check out our To the Max for an example of great glasses for this face shape.



Glasses For Rectangle Face Shape Diagram

Best Glasses for Rectangle Faces

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide. They have broad foreheads, sharp jawlines, and plenty of angles to work with. Consider Sarah Jessica Parker or Lisa Kudrow as classic examples of this face shape.

To balance the natural lines and angles of rectangular faces, you’ll want oversized glasses, especially ones with rounded frames. Look to our See The Beauty glasses or best-selling Center Stage as an example.

This is a great face shape if you like the idea of wearing chic statement glasses. However, if that’s not your style, soft squares can also compliment this face shape quite well. 

Glasses For Heart Face Shape Diagram

Best Glasses for Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces, also known as triangle faces, include a wide forehead and broad cheekbones that curve into a smaller chin. Think of Mary-Kate Olsen or Reese Witherspoon when picturing this face shape.

The best glasses for triangle faces will have thin frames to highlight your cheekbones. Balance is important, so avoid top-heavy styles such as cat-eyes and instead opt for light colored half-frames or semi-rimless frames, like our Thin Top Tortoise Peepers.  


Man and Woman Wearing Peepers Reading Glasses

The Best Peepers Make You Feel Amazing

Regardless of your face shape, the best glasses for you are the ones that make you feel stylish and confident. If you enjoy putting your peepers on each morning, you’re more likely to display the winning smile and sparkling eyes that will, in turn, help your peepers shine. No two faces are exactly the same, even within the same “face shape” category. Choosing glasses by face shape can help enhance your natural, uniquely beautiful you