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Strength Guide

Do you know your eye strength? These figures will help you find the perfect pair of reading glasses. A simple yet precise process helps you estimate your eye strength in minutes. Our Peepers strength guide explains what’s behind eye strength and how to measure it. 

Measuring Eye Strength 

When you go for an eye exam, you’ll take tests and use an eye chart. Optometrists and ophthalmologists use this information to measure your strength in reading glasses. Eye strength is also for other vision needs like eyeglass prescriptions or contact lenses. 

There are many ways to check your eye health, but diopters are the unit that measures the focusing power of your lenses. The abbreviation for diopters is “D.” A positive number or plus sign (+) means you have a degree of farsightedness. A negative number or minus sign (-) means you are nearsighted. Eye strength measures the magnification of your readers. 

The higher the number in diopters, the stronger the magnification of your reading glasses. Magnification strength for readers ranges from 1-3 diopters and increases by 0.25 diopters. It’s possible to find reading glasses higher than 3 diopters. 


Eye Strength and Presbyopia 

As we get older, we develop an eye condition known as presbyopia. This age-related condition makes it more challenging to see objects and words up-close. An eye exam can tell you if you’re experiencing presbyopia. An optometrist or an ophthalmologist can recommend the right eye strength for your readers. 

It’s helpful to know your eye strength and lens power so you have options when it comes to reading glasses. It’s common to wear a different strength than someone you know.  It’s because you have a unique cornea in each eye. The best way to measure your eye strength is the one that works for you. 

Ways to Estimate Eye Strength 

When it comes to measuring eye strength, find the method that makes you feel most comfortable. An easy option is a printable diopter test page. It’ll help you determine the right diopter strength from the comfort of your home. We have a printable test available on the Peepers website. Follow all instructions precisely for the most accurate results. You’ll be on your way to new readers in no time. 

Another way to estimate reading glasses strength is to try some on at home or an eyewear store. Wear a couple of different pairs to see what works best. If you want a professional to help with your eye strength and lens power, an eye care provider can verify your figures or test your vision with an eye exam. 

Discover Your Perfect Pair 

Your eye strength will help you find the perfect pair of readers. There are a few ways to enhance your experience even more. When choosing reading glasses, always go with the lowest diopter rating that helps you read comfortably. Remember, you can scale up on your vision correction if your eyes worsen with age. 

If you have questions about reading glasses or your eye prescription, talk to an eye doctor. They’ll evaluate your left eye and right eye separately. An eye exam can also check for astigmatism or other conditions that could be a factor in your vision comfort or eye strength. Knowing more about eye care will enhance your everyday experience. It’ll also make it easier to find a stylish pair of reading glasses!