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Eyeglasses are a form of self-expression, so they should always feel stylish. There’s a chic pair of glasses for everyone, which is why we created this eyewear style guide. It’s simpler than ever to discover your face shape and elevate your style. 

Why should you take time to style your readers? Some eyeglasses are meant to highlight your features. They can also play to your strengths. There are plenty of bold and timeless designs to give you confidence and make reading glasses more fun. This style guide will show you what’s on-trend and teach you how to discover the best glasses for your look. 

As you read our style guide, you may be curious about your own face shape. There are oval faces and heart-shaped faces. It’s possible to have a round face or a square face. Some people will have a triangle face or a diamond face. Everyone is different, so take the time to find yours! Finding your face shape is as easy as looking in the mirror. Once you know your face shape, you can match your eyeglasses to features like your browline or jawline. 

One of the most common face shapes is the oval face. An oval face usually appears widest at the cheekbones and has nearly the same width all the way down. Smooth and even proportions offer many choices in eyeglasses.

Balance an oval face shape with oversized eyeglasses or a pair of round-shaped glasses. For both frames you can try a polished pattern like Tokyo tortoise. Cat-eye glasses are a chic and feminine style to help balance out your cheekbones. 

Stand out with a fresh hue like botanical green or warm amber. Aviator frames are an adventurous alternative for an oval face shape. They’re especially stylish with bold colors and accents. Some of the best colors for the lenses of aviator glasses are gold and silver. 

Beautiful heart-shaped faces are widest on top with a narrow chin. Eyewear for a heart shape will look best when it appears wider than the forehead. Rimless or semi-rimless glasses are a must-have for the minimalist, but heart-shaped faces can also try round frames or aviators.

A round face shape has soft features and even proportions. Eyeglasses with sharp lines or corners will add eye-catching angularity. Play up your look with cat-eye glasses featuring dramatic upsweeps or go bold with geometric glasses. Soft square glasses and rectangular glasses complement a round face with full, high cheekbones. You’ll look great in oversized specs or sunglasses with brow bars. 

Looking for eyewear for a square face shape? Round glasses will contrast a wider forehead and strong jawline. Get a timeless look with vintage style wire glasses or a pair of metallic eyewear. Rimless frames offset angular features and draw attention to the browline. Or define your cheekbones with oversized readers or a pair of gorgeous cat-eye frames. 

A triangle face has a narrow forehead, so choose eyeglasses with detailing at the browline. You can’t go wrong when you shop for a frame shape like cat-eye glasses in a color like soft pink or yellow. Temple arms with patterns enhance the triangle face forehead area. If you like black or tortoise frames, opt for gold detailing at the brow or temple arm corners. 

The diamond face shape has wide and high cheekbones, so the best glasses create an even appearance. Cat-eye frames with a thin bottom and thicker brow line will balance out the angles at the middle of the diamond face. Bold and unique alternatives include browline frames and horn rim glasses. Classic choices include round frames or oval glasses. 

Try barely there eyewear like geometric wire frames or a half-frame. You may even like the lightweight feel of rimless glasses. When it comes to wearing reading glasses, your face shape will help you style your eyewear and find the perfect pair. 

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to finding the best glasses for you! To complete your look, think about your closet and your skin tone. Use your eyewear to play up your fashion strengths and enhance your beautiful features. No matter the type of glasses, they should feel comfortable. There are so many ways to style your eyewear and make it yours. Start with your face shape and end with a pair that inspires!