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Peepers For Teachers | Accomplishments of 2019

Peepers For Teachers | Accomplishments of 2019

If you know anything about Peepers, you know how much we value the contributions of our local teachers, which is why we go out of our way each year to support, honor, and pamper them. Our Peepers for Teachers Initiative continues to grow, thanks to support from our customers as well as proceeds from our Frame of the Month program, with 10% of applicable sales going to Peepers for Teachers.

As the year draws to a close, busy teachers are enjoying a few weeks of much-needed respite to spend time with their families and recover from the rigors of teaching classrooms full of eager and energetic students. We thought we’d take this time to remind you all just how special these members of our community are, and what you can do to help. If you’re hearing about Peepers for Teachers for the first time, here’s what you need to know and how you can get involved in supporting these wonderful people as they educate the leaders of tomorrow!


Peepers employees donating totes of school supplies to local teachers


Peepers for Teachers Continues to Grow

When we heard that some textbooks remain in classrooms for 7-10 years, and that over 99% of teachers use their own money to purchase classroom supplies, we knew we had to lend a hand. We teamed up with the Unity Foundation to start Peepers for Teachers with the goal of raising money to help teachers and classrooms in our local community.

Since then, we’ve donated over $26,000 to Peepers for Teachers! In 2019 alone, we raised more than $6,000 through our Frame of the Month program, Sale on Sale promotions, and of course, generous customer donations. This money goes to a variety of causes intended to help teachers and classrooms, including school supplies, charitable causes, Peepers for Teachers events, and more.


Singer and songwriter Brittany Lee Moffitt performed at the Peepers for Teachers Parking Lot Party charity event


Celebrating Teachers

In addition to funding efforts like delivering totes full of much-needed classroom supplies to teachers, the Peepers for Teachers Initiative has supported events like the Back to School Parking Lot Party earlier this year, where teachers, school staff members, and their families in LaPorte County were invited to attend an all-day celebration. We had live music, games, and plenty of food, and we invited all of our guests to take as many pairs of Peepers readers and sunglasses as they wanted. Between the Parking Lot Party and Facebook giveaways to schools, Peepers donated over 1,600 pairs of glasses this year, along with an additional 47 pairs donated to school fundraising events.


Students display their artwork from a charity donation


Donor’s Choice Projects

This year, Peepers for Teachers also supported three teacher-driven, Donor’s Choice projects: providing sensory tools to help students with cognitive disabilities, delivering art supplies to disadvantaged students, and stocking a classroom library with multicultural texts.


Donated Peepers reading glasses lined up on a table


How You Can Get Involved

If you’re interested in contributing and helping some local heroes do more for the kids in their classrooms, visit Peepers for Teachers to find out how to get in on our Frame of the Month program or simply donate to the initiative. Together, we can make a real difference for local teachers and students!


Peepers for Teachers banner with colored pencils