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What Does the Term Polarized Sunglasses Mean?

What Does the Term Polarized Sunglasses Mean?

If you shop around for sunglasses, you may see some lenses labeled as polarized eyewear. So, what does the term polarized sunglasses mean and how are these eyeglasses different from other styles? Here at Peepers, we sell sunglasses for everyone. Check out our vast collection of stylish sunglasses for men and women, including polarized sunglasses and stylish reading sunglasses. If you would like to take a closer look, we can help you learn more about what it means to have polarized lenses so you can decide what types of eyeglasses are best for you.

What Are Polarized Lenses?  

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that polarized lenses are anti-glare lenses designed to reduce eyestrain and glare from the sun. These specialty lenses are intended to improve safety and enhance vision while you spend time outdoors. Polarized lenses may help to prevent temporary blindness or vision changes caused by glare and reflected light. They’re also designed to make you feel more comfortable while you relax or read outside.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized sunglasses feature polarized lenses with stylish frames. The filter ensures that the images you see are sharper and clearly visible. 

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for wearing outdoors, especially on a sunny day with little cloud cover. They’re an ideal lens for boating or fishing due to the intense glare that can reflect off the water. Some golfers like to wear polarized lenses on fairways, but they’re an especially popular type of sunglasses for winter activities. You can even wear polarized sunglasses when you’re playing field sports. 

If you wear reading glasses, you may be interested in our Peepers non polarized, reading sunglasses with your reading glasses strength. Wear them by the glistening pool or at the bright, sunny beach. If you’re unsure, check out What strength readers do I need and find the perfect pair of eyewear for your favorite outdoor activities. 

Polarized Sunglasses for the Great Outdoors 

Our polarized sunglasses are the perfect eyewear for your golden hour! Discover flattering frame designs and dazzling colors for every face shape and style. We have so many looks that you can find polarized sunglasses for every outdoor activity. Choose chic eyewear with stunning details for weekend brunch or an afternoon with friends. Polarized sunglasses with an aviator frame or athletic look will help to protect you from glare while you enjoy a day on the court or the water. 

Peepers Eyewear Fit for a Vacation  

If you’re heading to the beach or on vacation, our Calypso polarized sunglasses feature a free-spirited design and Boho flair. Try on this flattering hexagon frame with an energetic color gradient that turns heads and keeps your vision glare-free. We love the summery color combinations of mint and pink or blue and green. We’re also featuring frames with a wine-and-purple gradient that makes them just as fun as they are chic. 

Polarized Peepers Sunglasses for Daily Wear 

When you’re done getting your groove on, find a pair of polarized sunglasses you can wear for any occasion. Pisa and First Class are two elevated styles that look flattering with everything in your wardrobe. Pisa features a stunning frame with a subtle cat-eye shape accented with dark gradient lenses to cut glare and show off your fashionable look. Next-level patterns like leopard tortoise and teal horn create a wear-anywhere feel everyone can appreciate. 

First Class is a head-turning style with polarized lenses that enhance depth and clarity. Animal-inspired prints make a statement, while lightweight frames with spring hinges are crafted for comfort. Both frames are strong and ultra-lightweight, so you can take them anywhere. In fact, we build them to keep up with your busy lifestyle. 

Peepers Sunglasses for Outdoor Fun

Whether you’re headed out on a boat or to the green, our Peepers polarized sunglasses are made for outdoor fun. Our aviator-shaped Positano frames look polished but still help you cut plenty of glare while you’re fishing or golfing with friends. If you like the aviator-shaped look, Ultraviolet is another frame with glare-cutting lenses and lightweight construction for all-day comfort. This style is a flattering frame for men and women, featuring trendsetting color combinations like gold frames with pink lenses or classic colors like matte black.  

Our High Tide frame gives a relaxed surfer vibe that’s ideal for coastal activities like fishing or paddle boarding. Clear or black frames will reinforce this cool and collected look. Speaking of surf, our Surf Check polarized frames give you coverage from the sun while cutting glare off the sand and water. A sporty, oversized rectangle design comes in flattering neutrals to ensure you look and feel amazing for every activity. 

Wear Polarized Sunglasses to Make Your Day

Peepers polarized sunglasses will help you feel more comfortable in the sun wherever you go. Cut glare and brightness while seeing crisper, clearer images with more depth of clarity and color. Once you try polarized lenses, you may not want to go back to your old frames. We have plenty of styles to help upgrade your wardrobe, including trendsetting designs and even reading glasses to help you enjoy your favorite books.