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Largest image in When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses? Your Questions Answered
If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses? Your Questions Answered

When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses? Your Questions Answered

We use digital screens so often that our eyes can tire out while using them. Now here’s the good news – a pair of blue light reading glasses can make your favorite activities that much more enjoyable. These days, there are more stylish blue light specs than ever before. While you can probably benefit from wearing blue light-blocking lenses, you may not need to wear them for every occasion. Knowing exactly when to wear blue light glasses can help protect your eyes and make the most of this on-trend style. 

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What Are Blue Light Glasses? 

Let’s talk about how blue light glasses work. Every time you use your computer or smartphone, your devices emit artificial blue light. The light illuminates the screen to help you view content. As you read or watch, the blue light penetrates the eye. 

Over time, exposure to blue light could lead to symptoms of digital eye strain. Eye strain can impact your work or leisure time, so it’s good to have a helpful solution for symptoms. Blue light glasses filter out some of the blue light wavelengths, so not as much of it reaches your eyes. Special lens coatings can help to lessen contrast and glare, which may help relieve eye strain symptoms. For best results with your blue light specs, it helps to know when to wear them. 

When Should I Put Them on?

So, when is the ideal time to wear your blue light glasses? Put on your blue light lenses whenever you’re exposed to artificial blue light. It’s a good idea to put on your glasses if you spend much of your day on a computer. A stylish set of lightweight blue light glasses are perfect for wearing to work or the home office. 

Put on a pair of blue light glasses while you watch videos on your smartphone. They can also help prevent eye strain while playing games or reading. Blue light glasses are an excellent companion for research or studying, but they’ll also ease your eyes if you’re scouring online recipes or video chatting. Now you know just how many activities are suited to blue light glasses. They’re especially helpful for those experiencing digital eye strain because wearing your blue light lenses can help to prevent symptoms of eye strain in the future. 

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When Do I Take Them Off? 

Take your glasses off when you’re done using digital devices, or whenever you’re ready. There is no harm in wearing your favorite Peepers even when not using a digital device. When not in use, keep your blue light glasses in a hard protective case. 

When Should I Start Wearing Them?

If you aren’t sure when to begin wearing blue light glasses, know that you can start at any time. Peepers blue light glasses are available for all ages, including kids and adults. You don’t need to wait to buy them until you get readers or need corrective lenses. We have stylish blue light readers, but we also have plenty of on-trend, no correction styles. 

How to Find the Perfect Blue Light Glasses

Now you know when to wear blue light glasses! So many people spend time on digital screens that most can benefit from a pair. While you surely want to protect your eyes from the effects of blue light, the best part is that there are chic and classic styles for everyone. Here’s how to find a pair that suits you: If you have reading glasses, combine your reading glasses strength with our Blue Light Focus™ Lenses. Our blue light reading glasses feature something for every fashion, including bold and colorful frames or daring oversized designs. 

For those new to wearing glasses, we have plenty of flattering and lightweight frames for every face shape. Shop our blue light glasses by color or shape. You can even browse by width or eco-friendly material. We make it easy for you to get the blue light glasses you need for your day. 

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Discover Your Perfect Pair of Glasses

When you wear a pair of Peepers blue light specs, you help to protect your eyes from digital eye strain. You’ll also look incredibly stylish. Every pair of our glasses — from our no correction blue light styles to our 2.75 reading glasses — is made with quality and fashion in mind. Get inspired by our readers and blue light lenses and then finish your shopping experience with a protective pair of polarized aviators or cat-eye sunglasses. There are so many ways to keep yourself comfortable and enhance your fashion sense!