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Oprah Collection

Discover some of Oprahs Favorite Things, including her favorite Peepers Reading Glasses in our easy-to-shop collection

Featured Frame: SHOWBIZ

If you are a fan of Oprah Winfrey and her Favorite Things, you will love her picks for Peepers reading glasses! Discover our collection of Oprah reading glasses in stylish frame shapes and colors. Oprah glasses feature chic, trend-forward designs to complement your face shape and skin tone. From modern polarized sunglasses to attractive blue light glasses, we make it easy to browse the styles Oprah wore herself. Here, you will find the frames she likes for her face shape and the pairs of glasses and reading sunglasses she recommends to her fans. 

Oprah’s top picks from Peepers include blue light blocking glasses in classic colors like gray tortoise and tortoiseshell. With these wear-everywhere options, you can match your Oprah glasses with every outfit. Frame colors like multi horn and pink horn are sure to impress, all while elevating your look for work or leisure. Each pair of blue light blocking glasses comes with Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses to help enhance the way you experience a digital world. Exceptional lens technology filters over 40 percent of high-energy visible blue light to help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain. 

Whether you are someone who needs readers or prefers to wear blue light glasses with no correction lenses, you will love Oprah’s square-shaped frames with stylish details like an ombre dip and crystal finish. Her other popular picks feature oversized frames with round shapes to match every look. Choose from bold colors such as green tortoise or vibrant red to enhance your vision and make a statement. 

By shopping Oprah Winfrey’s favorites, you are sure to discover elevated reading glasses and polarized sunglasses for every occasion. Oprah glasses can also help you choose quality reading sunglasses and bifocal lenses. With so many bold frame shapes and trend-forward colors, you will feel free to do what inspires you.