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No Correction Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear Glasses

Enhance the way you live and work in the digital world with Peepers blue light filtering eyewear

If you have great vision but want to protect your eyes from blue light, shop our non prescription blue light glasses here at Peepers! We have plenty of stylish no correction glasses for men and women. Blue light filtering lenses help to protect your eyes from the effects of digital eye strain. Avoid tired, itchy eyes while you’re working on your laptop or desktop computer. You’ll also enjoy more comfortable vision while you’re reading your tablet or scrolling on your smartphone. Blue light glasses are helpful for all ages. No matter if you’re new to glasses or are experienced with eyewear, you’ll find a pair for your screen time. Peepers Blue Light Focus™ lenses are designed with your vision comfort in mind. Every pair of no correction glasses with blue light blocking lenses contains proprietary technology. We’re able to filter over 40 percent of high-energy visible blue light from your vision. That means you can be confident about preventing the effects of computer vision syndrome (CVS). Along with the blue light technology, you’ll benefit from an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and enhance contrast. You’ll also get unique lens clearness with comfortable, stylish and barely there tints. An ultra-thin, lightweight acrylic aspheric material lens will feel comfortable all day. Spring hinges provide a durable, comfortable fit, while a polycarbonate frame is both super-strong and light as air. Shop for on-trend frames, including iridescent blue light glasses and color block glasses in classic and modern neutral colors. There are playful prints and bold shades for every personality. You’ll also find the frame shapes to fit your face. Whether you like soft square glasses or chic cat eye lenses, there is a pair of frames for everyone. You can’t go wrong with trendsetting looks and lenses engineered for the best possible vision experience. Shop our collection of no correction Blue Light Focus™ eyewear and see the difference for yourself. No matter what shape or color of frames you choose, you know your glasses will be durable and stand the test of time. You also know that you will look amazing in every pair!