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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
5 Reasons Why You Need Peepers

5 Reasons Why You Need Peepers

In a world brimming with eyewear options, Peepers stands out. If you're wondering what makes Peepers so unique, we have five compelling reasons.

1. Customer Service and Experience Excellence 

Our commitment to customer service excellence sets us apart. We're a company that's all about YOU. Our mission is to ensure that every interaction with our team and our products leaves you satisfied and smiling. From your first click on our website to unboxing your stylish new frames, we strive to make the experience seamless, pleasant, and memorable.


"Beautiful, Timeless, Classy and Understated!

Gorgeous shades are so sophisticated, understated. I love the petite size of the frames. I wanted a nice go-to pair of daily-wear sunglasses for in the car: something that would go with any outfit, in any conceivable mood. These are PERFECT!"
-Review from a Verified Buyer


2. Comfort and Quality 

Peepers are designed with a focus on comfort and quality. Our frames are constructed with lightweight materials and spring hinges to provide a fit that is as comfortable as it is secure. This means you can wear your Peepers all day without experiencing discomfort or worrying about them slipping off your nose. From the boardroom to the beach, Peepers are designed to accompany you on all your adventures.

3. Compliments Guaranteed 

Ever dreamt of being a conversation starter? With Peepers, that dream becomes a reality. Our eyewear's unique shapes, colors, and patterns are not just a statement of style but also a magnet for compliments. So don't be surprised when your Peepers become the talk of the town!

Reviews from verified buyers:

"Fun sunglasses

As with all my Peepers, I love the style & quality. I get so many compliments on these because of their unique look!"

"Readers with Pazazz!

I love the looks, the lenses work nicely when working on the computer or reading my favorite recipe. I receive compliments from friends and family on how much they love my glasses and they want to know where I got them!!"

"Absolute fave!

I get tons of compliments on these glasses- can’t believe they were on clearance!! Bought another pair ❤️"

Styled By you: 

4. Say Goodbye to Squinting

Are you still squinting at the fine print or struggling with your device screens? It's time to make a change. Peepers offers a variety of lens strengths (up to +3.00 in most frames) and types, including readers, sunglasses, and progressives, ensuring that your vision is clear, sharp, and comfortable in all lighting conditions. With Peepers, your eyes can finally relax.

5. Affordability Meets Quality 

Peepers makes high-quality eyewear accessible. For only $29, you can own a pair of stylish and quality frames, making them a collectible accessory. Despite the affordable price, we never compromise on the quality and durability of our glasses. Each pair is meticulously crafted and tested for superior performance. Because we believe that everyone deserves to look good and see better without breaking the bank.

Peepers is more than just eyewear; it's a lifestyle choice. It's a commitment to quality, style, comfort, and affordability. So why settle for less when you can have it all with Peepers? Elevate your eyewear game today.