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Types of Reading Glasses Strengths

Types of Reading Glasses Strengths

When it’s time to shop for new Peepers reading glasses, you’ll select a chic frame to match your beautiful face shape. You’ll also choose a reading glasses strength. It’s helpful to know what the different strengths mean before deciding on the best readers for you. Find out more about the numbers behind your reading glasses. Then decide if you should take a reading vision test at home before you shop.


What Readers Strengths Do Peepers Offer? 

We offer a stylish collection of reading glasses for men and women, so you can select from reading glasses strengths starting at +1.00. Our readers go as high as +4.00.  Peepers reading glasses strengths are measured in diopters, which increase in increments of 0.25. The higher the number of diopters you see, the stronger the lens magnification. Learn more about Peepers’ choices in reading glasses strengths: 


  • +1.00 Reading Glasses 

    A pair of +1.00 reading glasses is our lowest strength at Peepers. Not everyone will start with +1.00 reading glasses. You may move straight to a higher strength for your first pair. 


  • +1.25-+1.75 Reading Glasses 

    Eyeglasses that have a reading glasses strength between +1.25-1.75 will enhance your lens magnification from 1.25-1.75 diopters. This is considered a mild correction. It may improve comfort while reading. You can take a reading vision test to see if this is the correct magnification for you. 






  • +2.00-+2.75 Reading Glasses 

    Some Peepers readers come with a moderate magnification between +2.00-2.75. These numbers mean you need a strength between 2.00-2.75 diopters to correct farsightedness. Reading glasses such as these can be helpful for close-up work or as eyes experience aging. 


  • +3.00-+3.50 Reading Glasses 

    Now we are approaching the higher end of reading glasses strengths. In this case, 3.00-3.50 diopters are necessary to improve vision and make reading more comfortable. Here at Peepers, we ensure we have just as many chic frames for our +3.00-3.50 readers as our other styles. 


  • +4.00 Reading Glasses 

    This is the highest reading glasses strength that Peepers offers. Not everyone will need this level of magnification to read clearly and comfortably. However, we still offer stylish looks, so you will love your frames no matter the magnification you need. 


    Strengths for Peepers Reading Sunglasses 

    Peepers reading sunglasses have strengths such as +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. On-trend frames go perfectly with sundresses and swimwear, while UV400 protection blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays so you can read confidently and comfortably. How do you know your reading sunglasses strength? Choose the same strength or a similar strength to your everyday reading glasses. 


    Glasses Strengths for Peepers Bluelight Readers

     We have you covered if you need to avoid blue light from digital devices. Peepers reading glasses come equipped with Blue Light Focus™ Lenses, our baked-in and proprietary technology that filters over 40% of high-energy visible blue light. Go from a print book to your laptop without skipping a beat. Wear the same pair of stylish eyeglasses no matter where you view text. 


    How Do I Know What Reading Glasses Strength I Need? 

    If you’re unsure what strength you need for your reading glasses, take the Peepers Vision Test. It helps you determine the right reading glasses strength for you in an easy, printable chart. Print the chart from your computer and follow the directions on the vision test for the most accurate results. You’ll test without your eyeglasses, so you know precisely what magnification is best for your eyes. Match your results to the reading glasses strength and prepare to shop. We have an array of stylish reading glasses for women and men in frame shapes and colors to match every look and outfit. You’ll also find reading sunglasses and blue light readers so you can read in comfort no matter where you are.



    Shop for Your Reading Glasses Strength with Peepers 

    Here at Peepers, the magic begins when you find your reading glasses strength! Discover cat-eye readers and stylish oversized square frames to inspire your look. Colorblock dipped fronts and bright color gradients will have everyone wondering where you bought your eyewear. Best of all, you’ll have blue light protection to switch effortlessly to digital. 

    Don’t forget to check out the stylish metal frames and chic round eyeglasses we have in our collection of reading sunglasses for men and women. You’ll feel comfortable and look on-trend everywhere you go. Reading has never been more fun with Peepers, so print your copy of our vision test and get started!