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5 Tips for Wearing Glasses for the First Time

5 Tips for Wearing Glasses for the First Time

Are you wearing glasses for the first time? Let Peepers show you how to make the most of your eyewear. Maybe you’re interested in trying out readers, blue light filtering glasses  or reading sunglasses. Our top tips will help those who are new to eyeglasses. Explore the best lenses for your needs and find the frames that make you feel confident.

See an Eye Doctor

If you’re new to wearing readers or progressive lenses, consider seeing an eye doctor. A professional eye exam will check your eye health and test for common eye problems. Once the exam is complete, your doctor can recommend a prescription or reading glasses strength. When you know more about your lenses, choosing your eyewear will be easier. There are many styles of eyeglasses, from polarized sunglasses to blue light readers . The information you receive from your exam will help you decide which frames to choose first. 

Check Your Reading Glasses Strength 

At some point, you may have trouble reading or seeing things less than arm’s length. For many people, eyeglasses can help avoid eye strain or tension headaches. Reading glasses can also assist with eye conditions like presbyopia or age-related farsightedness. 

You may be wondering “What strength readers do I need?” If you have questions about reading glasses strength, Peepers can help. Our Peepers Vision Test features an easy, printable chart to purchase the right strength of readers. Follow the instructions on the vision test to find your strength. Next, shop our readers using your power to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. 

Knowing your reading glasses strength will help you find stylish reading sunglasses. They’ll make it easier to read books or use digital devices outside. The added benefit? You’ll block 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays from reaching your eyes. 

Find Your Frame Shape 

Here at Peepers, we have trend-forward eyeglasses and classic frame shapes to suit your look and style. If you’re unsure what frame shape you like best, consider your face shape. We created a guide to help you shop by shape so your eyewear suits you perfectly. 

Match your face shape to the frames that will help to balance and accent your best features. Some of thebest  reading glasses for round faces include rectangular or soft square frames. If you’re searching for distinct eyewear, try a frame shape like Harvest. This flattering soft square shape from Peepers features an attractive matte marble face and natural zebrawood temples for a casual, relaxed look you can wear at home or the office. 

Square faces can soften some angles with eyewear like Stardust, a modern style featuring sophisticated color choices and a smooth matte finish. There are ideal frame shapes for every face, including oval and heart faces. Narrow your styles down so you can shop for the right frames for your look. 

Explore Patterns and Colors 

Once you know whether you should be wearing cat eye glasses or rectangle frames, it’s time to explore patterns and colors. Almost everyone looks fantastic in a fresh pair of black eyeglasses, but plenty more choices are available. Try on classic eyewear colors like red and clear with our Center Stage progressive. Many of our frames come in shades of gray and tortoise, including our Vaughn eyewear for men and our Limelight blue light glasses. 

Peepers reading glasses  feature imaginative prints and patterns, such as pink quartz and Tokyo tortoise. Make your eyewear a fashion accessory with color combinations like earthy green and chai tortoise. If you prefer an ethereal feel, our Moonstone blue light eyewear is all about a magical mixture of pastel shades and dreamy iridescence. You’re bound to find a color or print you enjoy, whether you prefer a pop of juicy color or a versatile neutral tone. 

Try On Stylish Eyewear  

You put in the work to find the best readers ; now is the time to shop for stylish eyewear! Peepers make the process more affordable. If you’re new to wearing glasses for the first time, you may purchase expensive eyewear that doesn’t feel comfortable or stand the test of time. Our frames are lightweight and stylish, with lenses designed to help you enjoy your activities. 

Match your reading glasses strength to our chic eyewear or look for your perfect pair of blue light glasses. If you wear progressives, you need to check out our standout frames with Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses and unique lens clearness. Our polarized sunglasses and reading sunglasses are the best choices for spending time outside, especially because they look just as good as they perform outdoors. Discover trend-forward geometric looks with fun color gradients. When you’re ready to elevate your style, try an oversized frame with runway-ready color combinations. 

Love Your New Eyewear 

It can be exciting to wear eyeglasses for the first time. New eyewear helps you avoid eye strain and enjoy your activities. Start with your eye care needs and reading glasses strength. Then find the best frame shapes and colors for your look. Peepers eyewear makes shopping fun and easy with on-trend designs and innovative lenses. Look around and discover the best eyeglasses for you.