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Peepers Anatomy | On Point from Temple to Tip

Peepers Anatomy | On Point from Temple to Tip

What makes Peepers so popular is more than just the mix of timeless styling and trendy innovations transforming every pair into an instant classic. It takes more than fashion to create lasting value, which is why every pair of Peepers is engineered for comfort and durability. Here are a few fun facts about what goes into the elegant anatomy of all our eyewear creations.


Peepers Dylan blue light reading glasses in honey tortoise sitting on a mirrored surface


Tempting Temples

Unless you have eyewear custom made, chances are you’re going to encounter a serious issue before long: uncomfortable temples that cause irritation behind your ears. Not so with Peepers, which feature long temples with a generous curve to deliver comfort to every wearer.

Our temples employ spring hinges to provide superior flexibility and the perfect fit. These hinges won’t snap from overstretching, and they won’t squeeze your head like a vice. They adjust to fit your face like a gentle hug and offer just the right amount of tension to remain firmly in place during wear. We also use half-threaded screws that stay put instead of slowly working their way loose each time you open and close your glasses.


Peepers Smith blue light reading glasses in gray sitting in shadows on a wood desk by a glass vase


Reading Materials

You may not spend a lot of time wondering what materials your readers or sunnies are made of, but we certainly do. That’s why we’ve chosen incredibly lightweight and durable polycarbonate for our frames, to ensure that every pair you put on is light as air but strong enough to stand up to the rigors of daily wear.


Peepers Brushwork blue light reading glasses folded on a mustard yellow cloth


Lens-itivity Training

Frames are important, but lenses are the star of the show when it comes to corrective eyewear. Ours offer a variety of benefits, whether you choose readers, bifocals, or sunglasses.

Peepers lenses are distortion-free and feature a dual anti-scratch coating to ensure a view as clear as if you had no lenses at all. You’ll also enjoy UV400 sun protection and Focus™ blue light technology that filters more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range and has a seven-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from digital screens.


Peepers Terrazzo blue light reading glasses folded on a table by a phone and art paint


The Glasses Menagerie

True, our eyewear is engineered for total design perfection, but it has to do more than serve your practical purposes – this essential accessory also has to look fantastic. Peepers delivers with dozens of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and unique designs to suit every style sensibility.

Maybe you like the bold, chunky styling of Oprah’s Favorite best-selling Center Stage Focus readers in eye-popping red or dazzling navy tortoise. Or perhaps you prefer the subtle, translucent perfection of rectangular Viewpoint frames in trendy tan or traditional tortoise. You certainly can’t go wrong with the classic wayfarer styling of Simply Sun shades in black to boost your style all summer long (and beyond).

With Peepers, there’s no end of options to explore – you can try a new pair every day – and you’re sure to appreciate the thoughtful and resilient anatomy of every piece of eyewear.

Peepers blue light reading glasses folded on a white background