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Big Personalities Deserve Matching Peepers

Big Personalities Deserve Matching Peepers


Your buoyant personality makes you the life of the party, the center of your social circle, and the driving force behind team building at your office.  You’re more than just outgoing, though - you’re focused, organized, and motivated to reach goals.  You’re the total package.


You deserve a pair of Peepers that highlights your distinctive personality and skillset, a pair of glasses that not only helps you to see more clearly, but that shows the world you’re bold, bright, and ready for action.  You’re unafraid to be yourself, and you need oversized and eye-catching accessories that highlight your best feature.


Which Peepers are the right choice for both your functional needs and your fun-loving, out-of-the-box style sensibilities?  There are a few frames that are sure to catch your fancy and elevate every ensemble.


Command Attention with Center Stage

You’re sure to get noticed when you don a pair of Center Stage frames, which come in shades ranging from crystal clear and classic black, to enviable emerald and beguiling berry, to traditional or gray tortoise.  There are almost enough to swap out for every day of the week, so your glasses can match your mood and intensity day to day.


The chunky size is offset by gentle curves and lightweight construction that add distinctly feminine appeal.  Your glasses needn’t define you, but they can certainly exemplify your personal style, and you’ll get a lot of mileage from these powerful, yet pretty frames.


Elicit a Standing Ovation

When you need eyewear that conveys a serious demeanor and laser focus, you can’t go wrong with Standing Ovation frames that serve as a physical representation of your strength and determination.  These bold, authoritative frames come in black, tortoise, or gray tortoise.


Whether you’re a successful publisher, a high-powered CEO, or a candidate for your city council, you want your appearance to demonstrate your resolve.  Of course, it never hurts to throw in surprising touches, like the shiny wood grain of the black frames, just to up the style ante.


Kick It in the Coffee Shop

Hipsters of the world can unite in their love of the cool and kooky Coffee Shop glasses that balance unique styling and serious appeal.  With thick, bold fronts in timeless black or tortoise and temples in bamboo, you’ll get glasses that are the perfect combination of iron will and gentle embrace.  You’re not one-dimensional, you’re multi-faceted, and when you need frames that speak to your dynamic personality, you can’t go wrong with these striking and sophisticated frames.


Style it To the Max

Emerald, navy, or tortoise fronts are paired with traditional tortoise at the temples to create a stunning combination of elegance and artistry that perfectly suits your unique personality and complements professionals and casual outfits alike.  When your personality is so extra, there’s no better way to display your style than with your favorite To the Max frames.


It’s not always easy being the biggest personality in the room, but you have to appreciate the fact that your life will never be dull.  Let your special qualities shine with bold and stylish oversized frames that tell the world exactly who you are.