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How to Measure the Nose Bridge for Glasses

How to Measure the Nose Bridge for Glasses

Glasses may seem like simple accessories, but they have many parts. Most people can recognize the bridge. It’s known as the nose bridge because it sits right on top of the nose. On a measurement diagram, it’s located in between the two lenses. 

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The nose bridge helps support the weight of your glasses on your face. A well-fitting bridge helps eyewear feel comfortable and look more flattering. The right nose bridge measurements are vital for specs that help you see up close, like reading glasses. If you know how to measure the nose bridge for glasses, you’ll feel more confident about wearing your specs. This guide helps you with this important measurement. Soon enough, you’ll have your perfect pair! 

Step 1: Gather Your Measuring Supplies

Step 1: Gather Your Measuring Supplies 

Before you measure for your nose bridge, gather your measuring supplies. First, find a ruler or a measuring tape. You’ll also need something to record your measurements, like a pencil and paper. Some people use a notes app on their smartphone for convenience. Remember that your measurements will be in millimeters (mm), a common way to measure glasses size. 

After you have these items, find a mirror in your home. Make sure it’s high enough so you can see your entire face. A mirror helps you to see your nose as you take your measurements. It can also help you to keep the ruler or measuring tape straighter. 

Step 2: Measure the Bridge of Your Nose

Measure across the bridge of your nose. On your glasses, this is known as your bridge width. You may also hear it referred to as the distance between the two lenses. The bigger the number, the wider the bridge size and nose bridge. 

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You’ll use your nose bridge and other common eyeglass measurements to get the right glasses fit. As a reference, some other common measurements include your frame height and frame width. Your eye doctor may give you information about your optical fit or your eye size. You can also measure the temple length for a comfortable fit around the ears. 

Step 3: Know Your Bridge Size

Knowing your bridge size can make it easier to shop for the right pair of glasses. Nose bridges are usually between 16-31 mm. A lower number means your bridge is narrower, while a higher number means you have a wider fit. You can use this information to shop for everything from readers to polarized sunglasses. Use it as a reference as you browse glasses online. You can also take the information to your eye doctor for advice, should you have any questions. 

Step 4: Choose Your Glasses

Shopping for glasses online can be simple and fun. You will make the process even easier when you have your glasses measurements. Start by browsing styles. Nose bridge measurements will help you find everything from blue light glasses to progressives. 

You can also sort glasses by color or shape. If you’re looking for inspiration, look at a unique style like iridescent frames. You’ll like them because they’re playful and flattering. Tortoise print glasses are loved because they look classic on anyone’s face. Oversized soft square glasses always make a statement, while cat-eye frames offer an ideal combination of fun and luxury. 

When you find a few pairs you like, look at the measurements section of the product page. It should give you the measurements of the frame’s nose bridge. Compare your nose bridge measurement to that of the glasses. If they are similar, your bridge should fit nicely on your face. Steer clear of fits much broader or narrower than your bridge measurement. While the glasses could be stylish, they may not be the right look for you. 

We have an Optical Fit Guide to help you find your ideal fit. Simply add your nose bridge measurement along with your eye size and temple length. Filter by men’s glasses or women’s glasses for the right pair of Peepers.

Shopping for a Comfortable Pair of Glasses

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Measuring glasses can seem challenging, but it’s pretty easy to complete. All you need are a few household supplies and a couple of minutes. Keep your nose bridge size with you as you shop for glasses. Finding the color and shape that matches your style will be easier. You’ll also feel more confident that you’ll have an excellent fit.